Looking for a Website / HTML editor app for Mac

Thing #1: It’s gotta be “universal” to run on Intel / Tiger.

Thing #2: It’s gotta be cheap.

Thing #3: I’m not using .Mac, so iWeb isn’t terribly useful.

What I’m after is something that can handle the creation and maintenance of a simple site. On a PC, I was using Dreamweaver, but it was generally severe overkill for what I was doing. But its site management tool was nice in that it would easily push whatever had been changed to the server with minimal human intervention, so that’s a must-have.

Cheap is good, free is better. I’m not doing anything fancy like PHP, server includes, Flash or even animated GIFs if I can help it.

So what’s out there that’s good? The last time I went to the local computer hut, I was scared off by stuff costing $300 or more. How about closer to $30?

http://pages.google.com/ ?

Interesting idea, but I’ve already got server space and domains, and it looks like Google Pages is a closed-end scheme that doesn’t produce HTML files that can be published elsewhere.

Not sure if it does everything you need, but Nvu is a free program with WYSIWYG and code editing capabilities, and has a Mac version. I have it installed on my computer, and while i haven’t used it too often it seems to be pretty good value for money. :slight_smile:

iWeb has a “publish to folder” command that exports sites as stand-alone HTML and images, so you don’t need .Mac to use it.

I prefer to build web sites by hand, but I hear Sandvox is pretty good if you want lots of hand-holding for your sites. The price is $50 for a “home” license, which is only a skoosh higher than your $30 price point.

A nitpick, I know, but a program doesn’t need to be universal to run on Intel/Tiger. Rosetta, the PowerPC emulation in Tiger, should be able to handle any text editor you throw at it.

In addition to ones already mentioned

  • Rapidweaver is what I use

  • Freeway Express

  • Goldfish

  • Pagespinner