Looking for a yellow cake recipe

I’m looking for a recipe for a yellow cake like you’d get in a good bakery in the US, one that’s eggy and fluffy and moist and maybe buttery and if possible a really good yellow color. The only recipe I have, unfortunately, is the one in the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook, otherwise a fine book, but the yellow cake recipe turns out flat, dry, and bland.

There are approximately fifty thousand yellow cake recipes on the Internet, but unfortunately I have no idea how to judge a cake recipe. Does anyone have a recipe that they have actually tried and know is good?

Thank you!

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Sounds like madeira cake to me, or is it something else entirely?

For a standard, turns out great every time, fluffy and delicious yellow cake, I turn to Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker. For $0.89 I am guaranteed a good cake. It cost a lot more in ingredients to make one from scratch since I have to go out and actually buy all the ingredients. Probably not the answer you were looking for, but I’ve never had a yellow cake from scratch turn out better than a made from a mix one.

The site requires registration, but there was a America’s Test Kitchenepisode about making perfect yellow cake. You might be able to find the write-up for it in one of their magazines, Cook’s Illustrated. Many libraries have them.

Obligatory link to Alton Brown’s recipe.

My favorite birthday cake is AB’s gold cake with chocolate ganache whipped into a frosting.

Have you ever tried a sponge cake? I think it would meet your requirements better than a regular cake. Plus, a couple layers of a sponge cake with a lemon or raspberry filling in between- you can’t beat that with a stick. So good.

Since I don’t keep cake flour as a pantry item, I get a box mix too. I’ve made cakes from scratch, with the cake flour, and I can’t tell the difference.

I read the reviews of AB’s cake, and a number of people commented that the cake came out dry and crumbly!

I also have the name and number of a fantastic local bakery, for when I want a really fantastic cake.

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This is Bakerella’s solution for a moist yellow cake.

I’m sorry I don’t have a recipe for you, but for everybody suggesting mixes - have you noted the OP’s location? They don’t have Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines in Norway!

Really??? Do they have cake mixes at all? I’ll be happy to send a couple across the pond for you flodnak.

Some random things I’ve read about yellow cake: using all butter will make for a dry cake, better to use half butter and half shortening. Or, butter flavored shortening…When the cake separates from the sides of the pan and you can smell it all over the house, it is already over baked. There should be just the slightest crumb sticking to your toothpick when you test it. … Brushing the layer(s) with simple syrup before frosting will help with the moistness…You might want to try a Pound Cake recipe, with sour cream as an ingredient.

Sure, but not US brands. Well, actually, some of the bigger stores in my area have a few types of Betty Crocker cake mixes in the imported food section… but not yellow cake. They stick to types that Norskies know and want to recreate, which mostly means brownies and carrot cake.

And it was kind of you to offer, but it will end up costing much more than the value of the mixes to send them over here :smack:

Thanks for the tips! I’ll give them a try… I do have a pound cake recipe I love, so maybe I’ll just double it, call it yellow cake, and let it go at that. Or maybe I’ll try to syrup trick. A cake called bløtkake, or “damp cake”, is common here in Troll Country, and it’s basically a sponge cake with each layer moistened with juice or, sometimes for adult parties, a sweet sherry. So you’d think I’d’ve considered something like that without any further prompting, but no…

I’ve found that most (well, some - the 4 or 5 I’ve tried, anyway) from-scratch yellow cakes are a lot less yellow than those from mixes. The yellow comes from the egg yolks, and 2-3 yolks just aren’t enough to color all that batter. So if you can ignore that, I really like some of the America’s Test Kitchen/Cook’s Illustrated recipes (I have a whole bunch of their cookbooks, so I can’t remember exactly which ones I’ve tried. They were all good, though.).