Looking for an IP camera.

The Chinese HKVision $80 ebay camera I got conked out after two weeks (it seems to power up and the port lights flash, but no longer responds to attempts to reach it either directly via an IP or the BlueIris software). Looking for something similar that’s decent.

  • Black

  • Fairly High Reslution

  • A zoom lens. Most security cameras come with wide angle lenses for mounting above your door, but want coverage for the driveway and street (about 50 feet away).

Also wondering what kind of setup I need to record on a PC. I have a CoreI3 computer with 4GB Ram. It’s OK for just recording or just web browsing, but absolutely chokes when I try to do both at one. I’d eventually like to maybe add a second wide angle camera at the door too.

I use the following camera inside my house and it is great.

They also seem to have an exterior camera here:

They have a nice app that works well for viewing and zooming on the go. I believe that Amcrest has their own storage that you can pay to use, but I happen to like Mangocam.com and have used it for years.

I don’t see how your computer would record if it has the specs and issues that you’ve mentioned. Really high definition video is very resource heavy. I am not a computer geek enough to tell you exactly what you’d need. I just have a great modem and router and have everything backed up and recorded online. Hope this helps in some way.

Did Hikvision fail to provide support for the OP’s camera (they typically refuse* in the case of unauthorized/counterfeit versions that have been commonplace on the market)? Otherwise they should help, or replace the camera. Sometimes it’s best to buy directly from the manufacturer, or from a clearly authorized secondary source.

Specifying a black camera might be limiting. If that’s not an absolute requirement, Reolink and Microseven both make quality cameras that have 4MP resolution or better, in that general price range. Support is good too (somewhat better for Reolink).

*nastily, too.

If you want to loosen up your requirements but save some money consider getting a Wyze Cam or Wyze Cam Pan (the “deluxe” model). The latter is list priced $30. (It’s popularity means you might see it over that price, but camelcamelcamel says one Amazon seller had it for $25 recently.)

The Pan has a range of motions and digital zoom (which might not meet your requirements).

Wyze also provides much better free AWS storage than just about anyone else plus you can use an SD card with it which might be even better in some situations.

Wyze was founded by ex-Amazon employees and the reviews (and price!) are great. There’s also a lot less chance of funny business going on. E.g., the app won’t be snooping on you, etc.

It’s popularity also means there are accessories like housings for it.

For $40-$60 you can get two and get better coverage.

I don’t think the Wyze is adapted for use as an outdoor camera (i.e. for driveway and street coverage).

I really have no idea if mine was counterfeit or not. I bought it on eBay shipped from China. Kind of figured I wouldn’t have much luck complaining about the situation so was looking to move on.

I gather from this site that your camera is most likely one of those “gray market” ones, in which case Hikvision won’t be helpful. Of course, if you contact them the worst that can happen is they’ll tell you “sorry, bub”.

Maybe you can find a site where you can download a Chinese firmware update.

You can get a 2-pack of outdoor holders (black) for $20. So add that in.

Wyze is so popular people post all over the place their outdoor mounting solutions.

A mount is only part of what you’d need.

Since the Wyze is not designed as a weatherproof camera, any setup would at a minimum require keeping rain and snow out. Having it work through extremes of heat and cold could also be a problem.