Looking for an old story from the Dopes Teemings collection

I used to have a link to an old story that was part of the Teemings collection here on the Dope.

There were many, many funny stories, like “I Met the Emperor of the World” but my favorite was “Little Timmy Cthulhu’s Christmas Miracle” I can/t find the link I had, don’t know what happened.

Does anyone else still have it cached somewhere? I’d be very greatful. Links to any of the other stories would be good as well, but I really want to read about litle Timmy again.

Thank you for that!

Does anyone have the screenplay version, with James Earl Jones as the voice of Yog-Sogoth? Where Timmy wishes he’d never been born(as in that Jimmy Stewart movie)
With special appearance by Donnie and Marie Osmond, Joe Namath, Charro, and others?

Wow, I’d forgotten about the electronic magazine. That was some good stuff and I’m not just saying that because I got a thing in there. I wonder if it was not enough material or not enough editing and editors that killed it.

It was probably not enough readers to bother.
Wait. . . following the link provided-- maybe you aren’t talking about the Teeming Millions.

Yes, yes I am. There were Jack Chick parodies, the aforementioned Emperor of the World, a parody of an Emeril Lagasse cooking show(BAM!) and many others, including the screenplay treatment version of the Little Timmy story.

I’m going to bump this just once. I’d really like to see the full version again.


Oh thank you, thank you! That’s the one!!!

Ha – I’d completely forgotten about that story. Thanks for reminding me with this request that it existed :slight_smile: