Finding old links

I don’t know if this is the right forum but it can be moved if I’m in a wrong place.

I have lost a set of links to favorite older threads. Some may not be available any longer, I know. But another Doper helped me find some of them, for which I am grateful.

However, there are some others I’d like to see again. One is the blimp thread. Another is I Stood next to the Emperor of the World at McDonalds And a third is about pimple popping, and labeled itself TMI. Broomstick had a prominent story in that one. Oh, and one more, I swear, about Little Timmy Cthulhu’s Christmas Miracle.

If you can help I would very much appreciate it. And if you seek threads, feel free to add your requests.

I assume this is one of them:

(just used the search / magnifying glass option).

I don’t know what Pimple thread you need, so here’s one at least:

This seems to be the next hit:

As for blimps, well, there are a few hits again, but here’s one to try, otherwise a few more keywords in a search always help.

I assume you’re using a mobile interface / phone, where the search is a bit harder to find, but these all came up within moments using your own keywords and the Discourse search feature.

The Emperor link and the Timmy Link are the ones I want. Thank you so much. The pimple thread is another, I think the first post was about a guy in the shower finding a bump on his butt. If I remember correctly Coldfire was the mod, and kind of grossed out.

The blimp one was about a toy blimp that created havoc in a guys home. I need to look up a British magazine it got reposted in, which I obtained a copy of. Why I can’t recall the title I don’t know, I think it’s because I’m an idiot.

Thank you, thank you THANK YOU.

Always have to include this amongst the classics

I also liked a thread titled “I have a serious case of wolf a**” A guy talked about eating a ton of hot and spicy foods, the the effect on his digestive system.

There’s a hyphen between wolf and ass. You can find it with a search of “wolf-ass” in the title.

All threads are still available. The difference is that if you have a saved link / favorite that points to the thread at the old vBulletin site, that link will not find the corresponding thread here on Discourse. Most (not all) thread-to-thread links that are inside posts were able to be updated at the transition. But the links saved on your own computer obviously were not.

As others have demonstrated, Discourse search can find any thread from forever readily if you know enough sorta unique words to narrow the results down.

Anyone else looking for missing threads?

And I really want to thank you all for the replies. It’s amazing, some of the ones I wanted are over twenty years old and I still remembered specific phrases from them.

I liked this one a lot. It is not at all humorous but very informative.

Thank You @Inigo_Montoya

I remember when I first joined I actively searched out old threads of note to get a sense of the community. Every now and then I’ve seen reference to the SDMB’s Greatest Hits. As far as I can tell, however, there was never a thread by that name, but there was this.

All the links are broken now, but a couple favorites that I remember reading:

Scylla’s story on the flying blimp was already mentioned.
I’m sure one or more stories by Master Wang-Ka would be included.
There was a story about a man named Bubba, “mail order bride and sour honey”, by John Carter of Mars. Probably my favorite - couldn’t say why.
The infamously absurd, “Would you shoot child and kill your child in this situation?” thread.
Of course, the 9/11 thread.

(I think it’s probably time for a new “SDMB’s Greatest Hits” thread.)


Ohh wow, it’s been a minute hasn’t it? 11 years and I’m still around, people near me have come to love my crazy, and my nutty son is a cop now. This world still don’t make no sense, but it’s so much easier to get by when you don’t care about sense. David Byrne was trying to tell me.

@Inigo_Montoya: Welcome back around.

Also my favorite. It’s long but you really only need to read the OPs posts to enjoy it.

Thanks for the info. It’s been a long, long time. :slight_smile:

Well damn. We have summonsed a ghost.

It takes a very long time to get here from Mars.

Welcome back!

Also, for those who haven’t looked at it, the Ron thread cited here in post 6 is totally worth reading. It’s almost 600 posts and is best enjoyed in about 50-post doses over the course of a week or more.

Still alive and kickin’. I haven’t visited the Straightdope site in a long time. Retired now and don’t spend nearly as much time on the internet. I’m fooling with a few horses for granddaughters and in general keeping this small farm up.

I’ll provide an update. “Bubba” did eventually acquire a wife from Ukraine. She’s not miss-Va-Voom by any stretch but not ugly either, just very ordinary in the looks department. However, she’s out here helping Bubba work his bees every time he comes. She puts on the beekeeper protective equipment and dives right into the job. She also does a lot of work in their processing house, aids with marketing and deliveries and so forth. She’s very pleasant on those times when I see her. He’s almost certainly better off with her than he would be with some super model type who only wanted a ticket to U.S. citizenship. I think it has ended well. Glad you enjoyed the thread.