Looking for an old thread about geographically-challenged people

I’ve just re-subscribed after being subscription-less for a while. I was searching for an old thread–I remember it was called something like “There are no kangaroos in Austria” and the OP mentioned people who book trips to Austria thinking they’re going to Australia. I know I posted in the thread, but it’s not showing up in my post history (does it only go back to a certain point?)

Does anyone have any magical tips for locating this thread, or, barring that, any other thread about geographically-challenged people would do.

Is this what you were looking for?

I knew a girl back in Texas, and she was FROM Texas, not even a transplant, who did not know where Mexico was. That explains a lot about why I felt I had to escape Texas.

Same subject, different thread. It was quite a bit longer. And considerably older, too, I’m pretty sure. And had lots of amusing tales of stupidity.

Oh, wait, I found it!

Confusing Place Names

It wasn’t quite as long as I was thinking.

Feel free to share any other stories!

I thought it looked rather short. I just searched for kangaroo and Austria, and came up with 7 possibilities. That one was the only one that had both kangaroo and Austria in the OP. Perhaps it’s this one?

Man, that Austria/kangaroo joke sure made the rounds. I’ll be reading that thread, I love hearing about stupidity.

Works in reverse, too. An Australian friend of mine was once complimented by a Thai on his excellent command of English. My friend figures the Thai must have thought he was from Austria.