Looking for app for notification/sound control to customise WHEN phone will notify

I’m trying to find a way to customize the TIMES when my android phone will notify me of a new email or text. I want it to ring all the time.

I would like text or email notifications only during the day. But the phone to always ring.

Not having any luck finding an app. There are so many that do just about everything else, and the phone software does not seem to have this option.

Any recommendations?

What kind of phone do you have? Mine has a “do not disturb” option than can be set to a schedule, have exceptions made to it for things like messages or calls from specific people, or repeat calls from same number within 15 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. I can turn the sound off for any or all applications, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to schedule any of the notifications.

My Galaxy A5 also has the ability to schedule “do not disturb”.

Settings->Sounds and Notifications->Do Not Disturb->Turn On As Scheduled
(Set your schedule)

Then go back up
Do Not Disturb->Allow Exceptions->Custom
(Choose what comes through)

No such option on my S4. I suspect it’s software, as I am currently up to date with my phone at 4.4.2 (for that phone). I think that option came along later.

I did JUST download an app called Volume Scheduler. It looks like it might work but am still fiddling with it.

Thanks everyone. I’ll try to remember to update this thread if this app works.

[side note] I very much want the phone ringer to be on at all times. My mother has a medical alert alarm button and the first person called is me (and 911). I do not want to manually silence the phone or have it off at any time. Texts and emails can wait until I’m awake. [/sn]

Hmm, I just turned on my old Samsung Express 3 and it also has that option. That phone is more than 3 years old. On that one it’s
Settings->Device->Sounds and Vibration->Do not disturb->Turn on as scheduled
Eta: but my even older S3 doesn’t seem to have it. Sorry, guess it was added after S4.

My S3 does have “blocking mode”!
Settings->My device->Blocking mode

Then click “disable notifications” and set the daily schedule all on that page.

There are a lot of “Do Not Disturb” apps in the Play Store as well. I used one a long time ago before “Blocking mode” and “Priority mode” and finally “Do Not Disturb” mode became available in Android. Search them up, read about the available features, and pick one that should work.

Good luck!

I’ll look into it if what I’m trying now doesn’t work. Didn’t think to look for 'Do Not Disturb".