Looking for artists and crafters

We’re working on the first issue of the newest incarnation of teemings, the SDMB’s much-loved e-zine. (Read about it here.)

One thing that will be different from the previous version is that I want to do a lot more with graphics – including showcasing artwork by the many talented Dopers who I know are out there.

What I’m looking for:
[li]The visual arts as traditionally understood: watercolors, ink drawings, etc.[/li][li]Photos, whether singly or in a photo-essay format. Another possibility is a photo that serves to illustrate an anecdote or other bit of writing, whether a longish caption or a shortish story. [/li][li]Cartoons and comics that mix visuals and text within the piece[/li][li]Multimedia pieces and handcrafted art: mosaics, collage, etc.[/li][li]Beautiful handmade objects that are usually considered “crafts”: jewelry, wood carvings, knitting, quilts, etc.[/ul][/li]So, artsy Dopers, go rummage around in your portfolios, and see what you’ve got – or grab your favorite implements and come up with something new.

You can either send me a link to where you’ve got your work posted online (photobucket or the like), or send me the files directly. The email address for submissions is *teemings at gmail dot com. *

You really want to display MY art work?


Cool! I’ll see if I can find some stuff to submit.

Damn, you’re right, I didn’t think that all the way through. The OP should’ve read, “So, all artsy Dopers except prr …”


Another art opportunity.

but, what I would be willing and or able to do would be to email photographs of my work to an email address that’s available for that. Feedback, anybody?

bump for the workweek crowd.