Looking For Business Startup Help

Pretty much what the title says – I am thinking of starting an on-line business and I’m looking for some help.

I have visited many, many websites on-line that seems to have but one plan in mind – to separate me from my hard-earned dollars. For example, most on-line websites want $400-500 to incorporate my new business; after much research, I have figure out that I can do it for $170 plus the cost of the corporate stamp.

Anyway, can anyone direct me to a simple, factual resource to let me know what I need to do to start a business? So far I have discovered information about

[li]incorporating[/li][li]S-corp declaration[/li][li]federal EIN[/li][li]state sales tax application[/li][/ul]

– but I am afraid that I’m leaving out a lot of stuff. What don’t I know about yet?

(Please note that I am not asking for help on what business to start – that’s under control – but rather how to start the business.)



I dunno. open a bank account, get a phone number, fire up a web site?

Not really sure what you’re after, and not sure how to answer without knowing what you want to do.

I’ve done it before and am currently doing it again.

Incorporation, depending on your state, can be done directly through your state’s Secretary of State office. Shouldn’t cost all that much. If it’s going to be a small firm (a side project, for example) go with the S-Corporation. The tax advantages are real.

Yes, you’ll need to incorporate (or something similar). Getting and EIN is a breeze. After that you’ll need to have quarterly officers meetings (a breeze again) and go out there and sell your business!

Good luck!

I am currently in the middle of opening a business (clicks and mortar) and by far the most helpful resource has been the Small Business Alliance (www.sba.gov) and SCORE (the retired executives I got hooked up with through the SBA).


I had a CPA set my corporation up. Then he walked me through the things I had to do monthly, quarterly and annually. I think it would be a good idea to have some hand-holding your first year, you definitely don’t want to screw up your IRS book work.

I second the SCORE recommendation. The SBA is an excellent source as is, believe it or not, the IRS.

Thanks, everyone. http://www.sba.gov is exactly what I’m looking for. The problem with any research project is, first, learning what questions to ask. Now I know.


Are you a female? The Women’s SBA www.onlinewbc.gov/ has seminars and such…although, I think the information provided is good for the boys, too :cool:

In case anyone else is thinking of starting a business, this document from the IRS is very helpful: