Looking for Christmas song title and artist

Hello! My kids’ school has been singing Christmas carols every morning in their gymnasium, and they sang one the other day that I loved but had never heard before. Here’s a snippet of the lyrics from the schools’ song book (which does not list any credits, unfortunately):

"When you’re stuffed up to your ears, after Grandma’s Christmas feast,
and you swear you wouldn’t eat a bite for a week or two at least!
Then from the kitchen Grandma brings, just one or two or three more things.

Like some tangerines and chestnuts and peppermints and walnuts
and red grapes and green grapes and black grapes, and more nuts,
and macaroons and fruit cake and sugar plums and rum cakes,
and yum yums and peaches and cookies and more cake.

I found out her secret and I’m certain that,
it makes Grandma happy to see me get fat!"

I’d love to get a copy of this tune! Thanks in advance!

Rather than send us poor minions scurrying to seek this out, wouldn’t it have been easier to simply phone the school and ask the choral director or whoever put the songbook together?

Yes, that was the first thing I did. However, the book seems to have been put together before she arrived at the school, and she was unfamiliar with the song before she arrived. She accompanied the kids on her keyboard without using sheet music - enough kids remember the tune from year to year that they just sing away and she plays some chords that fit.

That’s a tough one.

Is this a private school or public?

So the book you have (or that your kid has) is just lyrics?

Public elementary school.

Yes, the book is just a book of lyrics for the kids to follow along with. The book looks to be an in-house project of photocopies stapled together.

Well, the fact that it’s a public school mitigates my suspicions a bit, but it could be that this was something that was written by a school staff member just for the school.

A Google search for “Grandma’s Christmas Feast” song came back with no hits other than this thread. Ditto for searches on any of the phrases of lyrics.

I’d keep trying your detective work at the school.

The second thing I did was come home and Google it, and I found this link, which is from another elementary school in our province, so yes, maybe it’s a song written by staff, as you suggest. I will ask around more after the Christmas break, when they return to school.

Thank you for your time, Snowboarder Bo! I was looking at the “Impossible Song ID” thread as well, and am impressed by your love of research and your investigative powers!


Aw, shucks! Just doing what I can to help people out!

Grandma’s Christmas Feast is a real song. It was in a song book I had when I was growing up. (I’m 30 now) This is the first Christmas I went to look for the book and couldn’t find it! So if any one does ask the music teacher where she found the song, I would love to know the title of the book so I can possibly get it again.


I love that song since my Mother taught me to sing it as a child for an extended family tallent show.

She has an origional copy, torn out of the book it was published from.

The following clues should help you locate this song. I would appriciate learning the name of the Book it comes from also since I would like to purchase it too.

Words and Music by Robert Maxwell, Copyright 1976 Robbins Music Corporation. International Copyright Secured.

It is on pgs 60-63 of a book that has “SH 4886” on printed at the bottom left of every sheet.

Good luck finding it!

While looking for the song, I purchased online a book who’s cover looked familiar, (John Lane’s Christmas Friends) hoping the song came from it… I was excited when it arrived and thrilled that the catalog number (SH 4886) matched. Sadly, the piece was not in the book! Oh, the copyright date of the songbook was 1970 & the song was not copyrighted till 1976. Perhaps it is the right songbook -if I can only find the right edition?

Grandma’s Christmas Secret was written by Robert Maxwell. It is available in a compilation book that can be found on line. Search for this title with this composer and you will find a book containing 170 pieces of music.

Music teacher–Omaha NE

I’m glad you found it! Can you provide us the ISBN?

I have the book: 170 Christmas Songs and Carols
(published by The Big 3 Music Corporation Copyright 1972? - latest copyright date I see listed on any of its songs) but it does not contain “Grandma’s Christmas Secret.”

A newer compilation by the same name has a slightly modified song list including:
(The Hawaiian Christmas Song Composed by Robert Maxwell and
Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer Composed by Randy Brooks)
which are not in my edition, but it does not have “Grandma’s Christmas Secret” either.

I think the newest publication of this title is ISBN-13: 9780769264363
Publisher: Alfred Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication date: 8/1/1998, Pages: 232.

This may be it, but I haven’t yet been able to find/view its song list yet. I am still looking.

I actually have a photocopy of the original music in my hand right now. It has been copied and copied and scotch taped and written over—but it is the song. I googled the song by Maxwell and ordered the book that it is in. I haven’t received the book yet. IT BETTER BE IN THERE!! If, not we can rewrite it on finale from the crappy copy that I have. I’ve already put it in my program so I won’t let this go until it’s performed.

Hi --I can scan the 4 page song and send it to you and you can do with it what you want. How would we go about doing that? My aol. email to you??

Thanks for the info. I guess I was hoping to find a recording of it to play over the holidays. I do not play an instrument so would not be playing the song myself.

I have successfully improved this copy by putting in “finale”. I will get it burned to a CD over the summer. My kids will be performing it in November. If you would like I could shoot you a copy of that. Will that help??

Hi there,

I’m trying to find the music for this song and this is the only thread I can find with any information about it. Did anyone figure out what version of 170 Songs and Carols has this song in it?

Would anyone be willing to send me the music if they have it?


I recently purchased the 1970 version of the songbook.
The song book’s name is “John Lane’s Christmas Friends 109 Songs Easy Piano Arrangements”
Page 60 is Nuttin’ for Christmas. Every page of the songbook has “SH 4886” printed at the bottom left of every sheet.
Grandma’s Christmas Feast is not in the 1970 version of the book. Haven’t been able to find a newer version.


I purchased this songbook, It’s not in it.