Looking for console (PS3) game picking advice

I find myself with more downtime than I really would want lately and I have been thinking of filling it it with something mindless and fun like a new video game. I have a couple of games that I love and enjoy playing and haven’t finished. But, who cares shiny is good.

Here are the games I have and really enjoy:
Assassin’s Creed:
Love being able to explore. I find the combat system to be pretty and enjoyable to fight in. And, I like that if I like I can sneak up on enemies and assassinate them.

Love it. Love the sandbox driving all over the place and wreaking havoc. Love the story.

Cute fun. It seems small, (even if I haven’t bothered to finish) somehow. But, I like the gameplay ideas and the puzzles are pretty tricky.

Half Life 2:
Fun first person action. But, kind of non stop killing and not much thinking involved. Also, I found it annoying that I could get to a point where I couldn’t go backwards - but couldn’t go forwards either because I got rid of my boat thinking I didn’t need it anymore.

Metal Gear Solid 4:
Haven’t started playing it yet. But, I was ever so annoyed by a MGS I had on the ps2 that had like 5 years of “plot” on the radio. Game play was awesome, though. I am sure the same is true here.

Some NCAA football and basketball games:
Just got these for an occasional sports fix for like 10 bucks for both. No need for any more sports games.
Here are the games I am looking at getting:

Loved the demo. Such ambience! Great soundtrack and graphics. Fun story, too! Worried that it might prove boring in similar ways to Half Life 2.

Prince of Persia:
I think it’s from the makers of AC. Also, for nostalgic reasons I would love it to relive my days of playing Prince of Persia on the C64 and constantly dying.

Little Big Planet:
Looks really cute and like now and then fun. It got some good reviews here and the video demos make it look good. My only worry is that online play seems to be one of it’s biggest components and I have never been big on online play.

Which do you think I would like best if you have played them? Any other game ideas to make the decision even more difficult?

LBP has a strong online component but it is not focused on online. It’s a great game and I HIGHLY recommend getting it. My wife and I play it together all the time and she is not a gamer at all.

I’ve been playing the hell of out COD4. Pretty fun FPS and the online achievement/unlocking has had me coming back for more.

I haven’t played many games at all in years, but decided on getting Bioshock (I actually started an earlier thread on this) and really am liking it. Was frustrating at first because I had to get my gaming groove back. Still pretty much a button masher, but oh well.

Anyway, it’s fantastic looking, great ambiance, you can explore a lot (not sure about the going back part though, the previous levels seem locked), and it’s cool that there are many different ways of playing, in that the types of plasmids you can carry at any one time are somewhat varied.

While the story seems like a lot of thought went into it, I haven’t seen that overall it actually plays any real role in the game itself though. There are all sorts of tape recordings that tell you what happened…but it doesn’t (at this point) seem they matter. That could change.

Overall though, it does boil down to simply killing things. How you kill them can be very different, but still, you’re pretty much just shooting…stuff…at them until they die.

I’ve read good things about Valkyria Chronicles, and we’ll be picking that one up with some spare cash soon. It’s a sandbox rpg third person shooter. yeah.

Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2 are two fun shooters for the PS3.

Like many Insomniac games, there’s a lot of fun to be had with the exotic weaponry here.

Forget about reliving nostalgia with the new Prince Of Persia. Pretty much everyone agrees that it is a very easy game. Not just in terms of pure gameplay/controls, but you literally cannot die in the game.

Play the demo, first. It’s more a tactical game than a shooter. This isn’t to say it’s bad… I consider it the best PS3 game I’ve played. But going by the list of games liked, I’m not sure it fits.

Because of the lack of praise of Prince of Persia (too easy didn’t sound great to me) I went with LBP and I love it! It’s more difficult than I thought it would be, but in a very good and fun way.

Thanks for the tip CubsFan!