Looking For 'Criminals With Ironic Names'

A while back, I had this thread here. Criminals with ironic names. A Google search was no help. And I tried several variations of the search terms.

Anyway, I wanted to add Derek Chauvin, the cop recently convicted of murder. Did you know Napoleon I had a ‘soldier’ (according to my dictionary) named N. Chauvin, noted for his blind loyalty? That is where we get the term chauvinism from. That’s got to be ironic. (I didn’t want to start a hot debate. I just thought it was ironic.) :slight_smile:

Just to maintain the topic as something that is About This Message Board I’ll suggest you check out Dick Tracy and Batman villains.

BTW what are the policies on these boards about resurrecting ‘zombie’ threads? I’ve seen the term used before. But I am unclear about the definition and even about what rules there are (if any). Please forgive me if I am doing this :slight_smile: .

Am I the first to drop the Alanis Morissette bomb in this thread?

You can find the definition here: Beginner's Guide to Glossary of Terms on Straight Dope Message Boards

Zombie – A zombie is an old thread that had ceased activity for some time (was dead), but has now been revived by a new post (was brought back to life like a zombie).

As far as the rules go, pointless revivals of zombies should be avoided, but if you have something new or interesting to add to the conversation or you have an update to something that was posted that’s usually not a problem.

This is more strictly enforced in some forums (like GQ) and less strictly enforced in others (like MPSIMS and IMHO).

Why didn’t you use the board search? I just searched “criminals ironic names” with @Jim_B as poster and it came up with all you posts in that thread, like @The_Other_Waldo_Pepper linked to. Discourse search is excellent and is even better if you can name anyone that posted in the thread you are looking for.

Might I suggest that if you are uncertain about how people will react to a zombie thread, an alternative is to create a new thread but link back to the old one so that posters can have the option of reviewing the old one. That will also prevent the situation where someone mistakenly responds to a 15-year-old post with a question or argument that’s clearly not going to be answered. (And with the unconventional way that Discourse renders datestamps on posts, it’s even more likely to miss how old a post is when you’re responding to it.)

In this particular case, you can additionally put a simple list of names from the old thread in the new one so people can see who has already been mentioned, and if they are curious about the old discussion of those names they can click the link you provided.

Anyway, just a suggestion.

Anthony Quinn Warner did in fact warn people before setting off that bomb in Nashville.

This article claims that

a man called Hastie Love was convicted of rape in 1968 in Tennessee (Love v State of Tennessee, Court of Criminal Appeals, Jackson, Tennessee, 16 Sept 1997)

I’m confused, is this thread looking for help finding an old thread about criminals with ironic names, or is it a new thread about criminals with ironic names? I thought it was the former (which is why it’s in ATMB).

Surely a mod should move posts 9 and 10 to the appropriate thread…

“Baby Face” Nelson was a vicious assassin.

Reality Winner. I’m unhappy that she is still incarcerated for whistle blowing about wh
at has now been reported in every news outlet. Reality did not win.

Moderator Note

ATMB is for discussion of the rules. This is not the place to continue a thread’s discussion.

Since the ATMB portion of this is resolved, let’s just close this. Anyone who actually wishes to discuss criminals with ironic names should do so in the thread that @The_Other_Waldo_Pepper linked to.