I'm thinking about changing my user name to The Swarthy Stuart

But if you’d like it, feel free. I just feel the need to memorialize our dear departed friend somehow.

(And it will ensure that, via the magic of Google, he’ll never forget us, either.)

Any other suggestions?

I have no idea who that is. Is it a dear departed friend of you personally? That would explain why I don’t know who it is.

It certainly stands out.

It’s a tribute to a true nutball.


I wish that thread hadn’t been closed. Now I have no reason to live.

Egmond Codfried! Egmond Codfried! Egmond Codfried!

We can change our user names?

Yes. Generally speaking, TPTB allow one name change. If you want more, you’ll need to have a real good reason.

Do I get to change mine to The Young Pretender?

Wow I just finished reading that thread. How come I always miss the fun ones? The last post was suitably epic.

I am the Egmond, they are the Eggmend? The Black Boy or Tall Black Man would probably be misunderstood or confusing.

Yes. Just contact an administrator (TubaDiva, C K Dexter Haven, SkipMagic, Gaudere, or Lynn Bodoni) with a private message or an email from the account you use for Straight Dope notifications.

Only if you can prove to us that you have the true blue blood, by which I mean black blood, in your veins.

Egmond Codfried needs a tribute. After all this is the man who found out that Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette actually were black.

Does ichor count?

So… was Egmond more fun or less fun than Beryl Mooncalf?

I have to say I felt a great disturbance in the Force when Egmond was shut down - I am sure the whole Dopeverse went “Awwww” with disappointment.

Egmond, we hardly knew ye. You will be missed.

I miss him.

Not around here, he won’t…

…because there are many Dopers with excellent aim.

He was like a falling star on a dark night - brief, blazing, glorious, obsessed with some bizarre theory*. I was so sad to see the thread locked, and his highness banned.

  • fun astronomy fact - falling stars are generally conspiracy theorists. I can prove this with my collection of woodcuts.


I have no idea what y’all are talking about, as I’m too new, but even I want to make that my sig!

I thought at first that Egmond Codfried was only joking with us when he presented his wild theories e.g. showing a picture of Anne of Danemark from a play as proof of her blackness. And especially since he didn’t have any evidences to back up his theories with even when he was beeing asked to show them. But I’ve noticed he’s been hanging around a lot of sites talking about his “research”. He seems to really believe in this stuff himself. :confused:

Crazy people rarely make sense. That what makes them crazy people.

Welcome to the Dope, dude. The line is yours, but you must use it’s power for good, not evil.