looking for DC band Pheromones

OK, I’m posting here out of desperation. I’ve tried google searches and funky radio shows and indie music stores to no avail. About 10 years ago, there was a band based out of Washington D.C. called The Pheromones. Most of their songs were political satire (and very good at that). I’ve got one of their CDs and wanted to buy a couple more (hey, I was a broke student 10 years ago… 1 CD was all I could afford!), but I can’t find them ANYWHERE. No label website, no band info online – some of the radio shows even asked me to let them know if I found where the band was. They’ve apparently vanished.

So does anyone here know where I could find their CDs if they are still for sale, or if the band is still performing anywhere?

Much thanks.

Which CD do you have?

I have a couple of their CDs, “Common Scents” and “So Far…So What”. You can email me to discuss a trade of some sort.