Need help finding obscure, out-of-print CD!

Hello all,

I’ve been called “The Man Who Knows How To Get Things,” since I’m usually really good at finding people CDs, DVDs, comics, any collectibles of that nature, even if they’re obscure or hard-to-find. Between local sources and the Internet, not only do I connect with all kinds of rare and wonderful goodies, but I’m great at finding deals on them, too.

However, I’m at a loss right now, looking for a CD called Calling All Martians by a Chicago band called Spies Who Surf. The band broke up in 1997, their single CD was released on a label called Monsterdisc, and there’s a review of it at the Reverb Central website: . (Sorry I can’t link you directly to the review, since it has frames.) I Googled up an older website with a short blurb about the album and what would have been Monsterdisc’s phone number–I just tried calling them, but of course it was disconnected.

There is one copy of this album on the Amazon Marketplace, being offered by an individual seller, but they want $29.99 for it, which is way more than my friend wants to pay (and more than I’d feel comfortable with paying for a single CD). If any Dopers know anything about this band or where I can turn to order the CD for less than $30, not only would I appreciate it, but I’d be very impressed! If someone has a local hipster-indie record store with a good surf/instrumental section, or your web-fu is just better than mine, say the word! “Used” is fine–it doesn’t even have to be new.

I don’t know where to get it or anything, but I suggest you look up record stores in Chicago and give some of them a call. If anyone is likely to have a couple of copies laying around, it’s probably the band’s hometown record stores. Unfortunately, I’m pretty out of the loop when it comes to in-city record stores, but maybe someone here could fill you in on the best ones to check out. FWIW, I just looked it up on the Reckless Records website and came up with nothing.

Good luck!

I was all set to say, “here ya go!”, but this is the first time I have ever gone to and found no listing for the artist or title. That has to be a really obscure CD!

I know, everyone comes to me to locate “that perfect gift” for everyone else they know. If it’s being sold online anywhere, I can usually track it down. But I’m all kinds of frustrated on this one, especially because I wouldn’t mind hearing this band myself.

I’ll check in the obscure NYC used CD stores next time I’m there. What’s your price limit?

I guess $15-ish, plus whatever it costs for first class or media mail shipping. Please don’t make a special trip on my account or go to any trouble, but if you just happen to find yourself somewhere and see it (doubtful), if you can pick it up and mail it, I’ll pay you back immediately. You can check my 100% positive eBay feedback as bigbadvoodoolou to see I always fulfill my part of a bargain.

I don’t know how much this will help, but I found an old article from the Sun-Times which mentions that the founder of the band was, at the time the acticle was written, a guitar instructor at the Guitar Works in Evanston, IL. Perhaps if you gave them a call or email them, you might be able to track down the CD.

Good luck. I hope you can find it.

I must admit that I’m intrigued; I’d like to hear these guys.



Thank you so much! I just called the store, and the guy still works there. I left my name and phone number, so hopefully he’ll get back to me, and hopefully he’ll still have a few CDs. I feel like a detective now (which is way more exciting than just shopping on Amazon or I appreciate the push in the right direction.

I’ve had really good luck finding things at They an online store that specializes in rare, out-of-print or otherwise obsure CDs. Good stuff.

Complete Hi-jack, but I never heard of before and decided to try them for a cd Ive been looking for (Majandra Delfino - The Sticks). They have it alright… for the bargain price of $135.24!

I cant even justify that in euro terms… I know its the same it just sounds cheaper!

Hi-jack ended.

Sorry, to continue the hijack - is not a store. It is an online clearinghouse for record and CD dealers. They pay a fee to subscribe to the service, and submit a database of their ever-changing inventory to gemm. When you go to their main page, it serves as a search engine for entries in the main database. If you get a match, it will turn up as many dealers who have the disc you want, as there are at the time. It changes very often. Check later, your item may turn up at another dealer on the site for less.

Didnt know that, thanks will check it periodically so.

(As an aside, the albums called the Sicks, not Sticks-wanted to correct my stupidity!)

gemm also couldn’t find Fabio (yes, that Fabio)'s After Dark, which I promised to someone quite some time ago. :frowning:

Big Bad Voodoo Lou, you basically need to tell this person that they have 3 choices:

  1. Get the CD from Amazon for the ~$30 price. Look at it this way, if it’s this hard to find, and you have the “bird in the hand”, why not go for it? It’s not like it’s suddenly going to become more available.

  2. Keep checking back with GEMM. Unfortunately, this will take time.

  3. Go to a site like Django’s. If you check on the link, you’ll see that they have a list price of $7.99 for this CD, used. Unfortunately, they have none in stock currently. But if you click on the “notify me” button, they will take your email address and let you know when a copy comes in. This particular retailer moves a lot of stock, so it might not be that long of a wait (assuming the list of people waiting for this CD isn’t that long).

Can you contact the seller in Amazon Marketplace? There must be a way – make them an offer?