UK/Ireland Dopers: Help me find a CD?

My wife had a copy of Rebecca Storm’s Broadway by Storm, but it’s gone missing and is probably tucked into a closet or drawer somewhere in her mother’s house in Dublin. Sadly, she’s missing it, and I’d love to get it (again) for her for Christmas, or her birthday in February. It’s a fairly obscure title and is definitely out of print, now, but does anyone know of a music store that might be able to scrounge one up? I’ve tried Google/ebay/ebay UK, but to no avail.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

They don’t have what you’re looking for at the moment - they’ve got the LP but not the CD - but is a huge music site (see results for Rebecca Storm here.

Be advised that gemm is made up of independent dealers (kind of like an eBay for music only). So buying from any one dealer can be a crapshoot, although I’ve always had great service the four or five times I’ve used it. In my experience, if no one else has it. gemm can work wonders.

Note also that gemm has a search agent that will email you if a new item from INSERT ARTIST NAME HERE is posted.

That’s wonderful - thank you so much! It’s exactly this sort of thing I was looking for.