Looking for desktop countdown app

Hey all,

I’ve been a bit busy lately (hopefully the start of a later, more interesting thread), so I haven’t been able to post, or even read, at all.

But enough of that - basically, I’m looking for a free, downloadable desktop countdown application. It has to be able to handle multiple countdowns (7 or so), but it doesn’t have to countdown hours, minutes, or seconds, only days. Does this sound like anything anyone has seen?

Thanks in advance.

Quit smoking, ‘Quit Counters’. Google them. There are heaps of models that will count down in any units you want and do multiple count-downs.

Paste the code below into a text file with an .hta extension.

Customize the objCounters entries on lines 17-23 with the names of the events and their due dates. You can add or remove as many entries as desired. They can be changed at any time by editing the file in Notepad.

Running the .hta file will display a page with the number of days left until each event occurs. It will update every hour. This interval can be adjusted by changing the number of milliseconds in the intRefresh variable on line 14.

<TITLE>Counting The Days</TITLE>

<SCRIPT Language="VBScript">

intRefresh = 3600000

Set objCounters = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
objCounters.Add "Post Thread", #8/20/09#
objCounters.Add "Anniversary", #8/22/09#
objCounters.Add "Labor Day", #9/7/2009#
objCounters.Add "Work Deadline", #9/9/2009#
objCounters.Add "Christmas", #12/31/2009#
objCounters.Add "Groundhog Day", #2/2/2010#
objCounters.Add "The End Of The World As We Know It", #1/1/2012#

Sub Window_onLoad
    idTimer = Window.SetInterval("Calculate()", intRefresh)
End Sub

Sub Calculate()
    strHTML = "<table cellspacing=""30"">"
    For Each strCounter in objCounters.Keys
        intDiff = DateDiff("d", Now, objCounters.Item(strCounter))
        If intDiff > 1 Then
            strHTML = strHTML & "<tr><td>" & strCounter & _
                ":</td><td>" & intDiff & " days left</td></tr>"
        ElseIf intDiff = 1 Then
            strHTML = strHTML & "<tr><td>" & strCounter & _
                ":</td><td>" & intDiff & " day left</td></tr>"
            strHTML = strHTML & "<tr><td>" & strCounter & _
                ":</td><td><font color=red>Time's up!</font></td></tr>"
        End If
    CounterArea.InnerHTML = strHTML & "</table>"
End Sub


<BODY STYLE="font:10 pt arial black; color:white;
(GradientType=0, StartColorStr='#FFFFF', EndColorStr='#100000')">

<span id=CounterArea></span>