My calendar ends December 31, 2009! Eek! Goodbye world!

I thought we had another two years to play around before the Mayan calendar ended and the apocalypse began. I figured the party was just starting.

And then I got the shock of my life when I skimmed ahead in my own calendar at home and found it ended in two months!! And all the calendars at work too!

Well, at least I haven’t paid off my credit card so I can stick it tp the Man one final time.

Omigod! I have a magnet calendar on my fridge from a local business I frequent. Its calendar ends in December 2008!

The world is already gone!!!

I have a tea-towel with a calendar that ended in December 1975. The world ended a long time ago.

We’re just waiting for the paperwork to be finished.

You stole this from me, Boyo Jim. Thieving Bastard.

I’m still not sure what a golf clap is, but judging from the contexts in which “golf clap” is posted, you get a golf clap.

I’m really confused! My wall calender ends December 31, 2009, but my pocket calender ends December 31, 2010!

Even worse, the calender on my erasable scheduler ends on November 7.

Horrors! I have a calendar here above my desk for 1959. Worse yet, I’ve been using it all year, and it seems to work fine.

We appear to have somehow gone backwards in time 50 years, and are reliving time.

Well, I paged through my Google Calendar until 2013 when I got bored and stopped. Does this mean when adherents to all other false calendars have gone all that will be left is Google Calendar users? This is my kind of Apocalypse! All Praise to the Google!!

Anyone else remember when most calendars actually went through January? Just to give you a chance in case you were too busy to buy a new calendar or something.

According to my wall calender, the world ends December 31st, 2009. According to my hockey schedule calender, the world ends April 10th, 2010(I’m sure Maple Leaf fans are lokking forward to that day)

Isn’t that cartoon kind of a disproof of Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem?

You know, this explains … everything. Damn well everything.

After that post, everything makes sense now.

Can I borrow ten bucks? I’m good for it, I promise. Really.

See Wikipedia for a succinct explanation, and this video for a muted clip. Also note that, online, it can be a sign of faint but real praise, especially in the context of a well executed, but not-so-hilarious joke.

Unfortunately, since YK 2000 my calendar got a virus that killed it.
On the upside, I haven’t aged a bit in almost 9 years!