looking for downloadable videos for a class

inspired in part by this thread http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=435346

I am looking for more of those but in a downloadable form unlike youtube

pretty much anything with the realistic accidents and effects. and traffic related is preferred.
I am having some trouble locating a few of those and would love to get them for my Drivers Ed classes.

I have
Body to body, (Irish I think) kid in back without seatbelt pinballs around inside the car

Aussie antispeeding ads (2 of them) one that just says its no accident and shows various crashes ending in a woman getting run down and her baby covered in blood and another where a girl and her boyfriend get pinned to a wall.

a French one where a car has rolled and is upside down, just as dad gets out they get hit by another car.

hmmm some Canadian ones about drunk driving.

They still show scary videos like that in Drivers Ed? I thought that kind of thing was a relic, only to be seen in fifties movies and Simpson spoofs.

YouTube videos are downloadable. You can use various types of software for this but the one that is the easiest is the Mozilla Download Helper add-on. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3006

You install it (obviously you need to have Mozilla installed already) and whenever you get to a page that has downloadable video or audio content, the three-balloon icon up next to your address bar will spin. You can then download the video in FLV format. You can play FLV files using a universal video player such as VideoLan’s VLC: http://www.videolan.org/

um in the 50’s it was ultra crappy special effects and the ever popular “Red Asphalt” where you got to see actual car crash footage with things like brains falling out of crushed skulls.
trust me on this one, teaching Drivers ed to 15 year olds you really need stuff like this to get the message across to some of these kids.

and thanks for the links, I was hoping for better quality than you tube but I will take anything right now.

I wasn’t sure if you were actually finding videos you could use on YouTube but didn’t think you could download them; or if you were more in need of the actual videos.

Would perhaps the NTSB have something? Or an auto manufacturer; or maybe those crash-test-dummy public service announcements?

If you just want video of horrible accidents (or their aftermath) based on the driver having done something stupid, you could probably find lots of those. Princess Diana and that woman who recently tried to outrun a train come to mind.

Oh, you know what a good scene from a movie is for demonstrating how important seat belts and air bags are? The car-crash-on-purpose scene from Fearless (Jeff Bridges/Rosie Perez movie). That oughta scare a few kids into buckling up.

the Brits have a nice project with their “Think” psa’s and they are kind enough to post them for download which means good quality. I tried out the Firefox addon and it works great, the video quality is actually better than I thought but the sound is often messed up. (not alot but some stuff sounds pretty bad)

nice links and I will have to check out fearless.

I already use the opening from “Office Space” in one class and the Gas Fight scene from Zoolander in another.

(edit) there their whats the difference?

Hmmm, I’ve downloaded hundreds of files using the add-on and I don’t think I’ve had that problem. Well I hope they’re at least good enough to use!