Share your favorite web videos here.

Web videos spring up every few seconds, only a small handful are of any worth. I have selected a small (well maybe not exactly small) collection of web videos that I really enjoyed. I hope you like them too. This isn’t a “favorite Youtube video” thread, mostly because I find Youtube to be overloaded with crap.

Anyways, here is my list of recent favorites, many you have seen, hopefully some you have not. Please add a link to anything I missed, or you found really funny. I know that some of these are old, but that doesn’t make them not funny. I am disabling the links because a few of these contain NSFW language, there is no porn here.

Have fun with this list.

Harder Faster Better Stronger

13.4 megapixel camera


Kid runs into wall

How to use Internet abbreviations

Content aware image resizing

Delta Airlines spoof ad

German forklift safety video

Bruce Lee baby

How to untangle your headphone cords

Medal of Homer

DJ kitteh

What about BJs?

Roofie Roulette

The wind

Man vs. Kids

Crime Scene Investigator Busted

Best 300 parody I’ve seen

Shelby Cobra driven by an amateur

Port-a-potty meeting prank

Commercial Director Crank Call

Kevin Smith Owns Jerk At Comic Con

Tetleys Beer And Mentos Experiment

Childproof Drawer

Photosynth prototype

Harray Caray in Iraq

Ok, well I disabled the “Automatically parse links in text” and it looks like the links are still active. I don’t think that leaving vid links with questionable language is verboten, but if it is, the mods know what to do.

There are too many for me to start making a list, but

Dog on a waterslide:

Wow, I usually don’t participate in these threads because I don’t really believe anyone reads past the first few posts, just posts their own list of likes. That is, unless I can get in on those first few. But the length of the OP makes me wonder if he hasn’t already taken care of that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s mine;

First, a couple World of Warcraft videos (machinima);

Zinwrath the whole series by Myndflame productions is good, but the first Zinwrath movie, and the Illegal Danish movie are the best (they’re both under 10 minutes, IIRC). Expect absurdist comedy, and jarring scene cuts.

The Return awesome dramatic video, I am eagerly awaiting the rest of the series. Very emotional intro.

Now two more oddball ones:

Daicon IV promo back before they were Gainax, some of Japan’s best animation people were working in a small group making little opening/promo shorts for a major sci-fi/anime/geek convention in Japan, among other things. This one video (set to the song Twilight by Electric Light Orchestra) starts with a recap of the video for Daicon III, then goes into a kind of sequel video that cameos all kinds of American and Japanese cartoon, comic book, fantasy, and sci-fi characters/ships/themes. It’s an enduring favorite among dedicated anime geeks, though there’s no official release of it because of the ridiculous license wrangling that would have to take place.

This next one is NSFW, so I broke the link by placing spaces between “/” and “verify”. You have been warned! You will also not be taken directly to the video, but youtube’s age-check screen (just log in and you’re good). verify_age?next_url=/watch%3Fv%3DgrGrN_nuWg8
“Do you take it” by the wet spots. Very hilarious pervy video and song I found the other night. Sadly no one responded to the thread I made to post a link here.

Kylie Minogue has piqued my interest lately, and two current faves are by her:

Looking excruciatingly beautiful in a fabulous performance from the 2002 Brit awards. (Caution: la, la, la’s abound)

And a smokin’ hot movie theater ad for Agent Provocateur lingerie, with a most amusing finale. (Probably SFW as she’s clad top & bottom…but damn!)

She got me. I had a semi.

I was already a fan of her music, and was therefore familiar with how smoking-hot she is, in fact you could even say she piqued a lot more than just my interest :stuck_out_tongue: .

But man, thanks for those video links. To use an SDMB meme, if anyone needs me, I’ll be in my bunk.

I could watch videos of Victor Wooten’s performances for hours. No specific link, just search for them on youtube. Second best bassist ever, hands down. Paul McCartney will always be my pick for first best bassist ever, not out of any technical skill but because of how immaculately, perfectly, ingeniously his bass lines fit with the Beatles’ melodies. But as a true technical virtuoso and showman, Wooten is the king of bass.

David Copperfield parody -

Jaco Pastorius doesn’t rank up there?

Oh, Jaco is up there too, but I give Wooten the edge because I always liked the Flecktones more than Weather Report.

Sorry I missed your thread, but I love this vid too. It was going to be my post - it’s the lounge music that makes it, IMHO.

MrDibble, glad to here someone here likes it. I think it’s great. And yeah, the contrast of the style with the subject matter seems to be a big part of it’s mojo.

Minesweeper: The movie!

New York, New York as sung by a cartoon Ed Koch. This won an Oscar in 1983. This probably won’t: Amateur CGI Mickey Mouse Is that just me, or does that look like Bill Clinton? (Thanks to Jerry Beck for the last one)


How could I forget Live From Congress: The Skull Fucking Bill Of 2007

The best outtake reel I have ever seen. It gradually gets funnier and funnier.

Neo vrs Robocop

Halo Meets Donkey Kong

That whole Ricky Gervais blooper series is hillarious, especially this bit with Keith Chegwin.

“From WOM”
“WOM wom WOM WOM wom”

Gervais’ laugh is just great. It’s the best part of the gervais podcast - him laughing when Karl Pilkington actually says what they already know is going to be incredibly stupid but don’t know what it is.

I’m not a fan of radio, or audio without visuals but I have listened to just about every one of them. search ‘gervais podcast’ or ‘karl pilkington’ on youtube.
EDit: I love it when people laugh at the same time as drinking something, like cheggers in the end of that clip.

In case you haven’t already received this in your inbox, I give you Omazing Grace.

To get your warm/fuzzy feeling, watch some otters holding hands.

Mike O’Connell singing about all the bitches he’s got to plow. I’m sure everyone’s seen this, but it stilll cracks me up. Has a catchy hook too. NSFW

My new favorite comedian Doug Stanhope on Christianity. NSFW

One of my favorite cop videos: State Trooper pulls over crazy old fart for speeding. I commend this cop for his unwavering calmness. NSFW