Looking for footage of Dave Parker's throws in 1979 all-star game.

I am not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this, but I thought it would get the most looks here.

Anyway, I’ve you-tubed this to death, and can’t find them.

Dave Parker, Pittsburgh Pirate right fielder, had two amazing throws in this game, played at the Seattle Kingdome (I believe). One was a 360 spin in right field, throwing a runner out at 3rd base. The other was the single greatest throw I’ve ever seen. He gunned down a runner at the plate from right field with a no-bounce bullet to the catcher.

If anyone can provide a link, that would be :cool:


I’m not much of a you tube finder.

Just wanted to add some info. On that throw to gun the guy down at third–That’s because he(Parker) had lost a high pop-up(hit by Jim Rice) in the lights, and then recovered it to throw Rice out at third, Rice trying to stretch a fluke double into a triple.

The throw to home plate catcher Gary Carter to end the bottom of the eighth was definitely on the fly. He tagged out a sliding Brian Downing.

My dad and I were about convinced that we were the only ones who remembered this. Considering MLB’s attitude toward having their licensed footage on sites like YouTube, I doubt this is available. I see that MLB.com doesn’t have the 79 All-Star Game on its archived clips of “Baseball’s Best”.

No one? Man, that sucks. I’ve done searches everywhere… I can’t believe MLB doesn’t at least have the highlights from the game. Parker was MVP, for crying out loud. Those throws brought him the MVP.

Listen, as a Pirate fan, I need all the upbeat crap I can get my hands on. This was good stuff. I can still see the throw with the theme of “This week in Baseball” in the background for a few years after the throw.

I need me some Pirate highlights!

The 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates World Series Collector’s Edition DVD, according to the listed details, includes Dave Parker’s highlights from the 1979 All-Star game as a bonus feature.

Available from amazon

Here is a review of the DVD.

I haven’t seen it, so I can’t comment on what is actually included in the All-Star highlights. But I remember that game and Parker was awesome.

I have the original broadcast of the game on 2 dvd’s. Really Nice Quality! “The Cobra” was my favorite Bucco of all time. Joe… You can email me if u want a copy… $10 includes s/h

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I found a link to historical footage of Parker’s throw in the 1979 all star game at the bottom of this web page

The link to go straight to the video is

Hi. I attended the game back in 1979. I’m trying to find footage of the whole game. I’ve been searching on the web for several months, with no luck. Any ideas? Thanks!