Looking for good slip-on shoes

That aren’t butt-ugly, that is. The best on the market seem to be Merrill Jungle Mocs, but I don’t like the look for everday wear. I need something that covers the arch since loafers are too prone to walking out of. I’m on my feet all day, so support is important.

And just because I’m picky like that, I need a fairly stiff sole. I bike commute, and cheap shoes tend to bend over the pedals and cause foot pain.

I rather like Waldläufers. They’re a German brand and very well made. Lots of styles to choose from, too.

I have several pairs of Croc slip-ons in this style, but they’re pushing a lighter sole nowadays which might not meet your commuting needs. But the older soles might still be available.

I got these Abeos to replace some Merrills and love them for everyday work wear. Sold at the Walking Company if there’s a store near you.

I’ve worn the Merrell Jungle mocs for four pairs in a row now. It is hard to find others in the wide size I require. I never like the “look” when brand new, but they quickly wear into a subdued shoe that no one notices, if that makes any sense. I’ve always got the brownish, suede looking ones.

Found them.

If you are willing to spend, may I recommend Klogs. I can find them to fit my weird-sized feet, and I don’t need to wear orthotics with them. They come in many colors and styles.

As a quick, cheap alternative, you could try just replacing the normal laces on a traditional lace-up shoe with elastic laces. They become slip-ons, but are still adjustable.

What about Dansko? Many people who are on their feet all day swear by the clogs, but they have tons of other styles too, and they hold up really well.

Or Fitflops? I have serious issues with my left ankle, and I wear these at work almost exclusively.

Duluth Trading has some nice ones. I love them.

I have a pair of Dansko shoes. They’re okay, but not something I choose when I plan to be on my feet for any length of time. For me, they don’t work.

On the other hand, I bought as many pairs of their socks as I could after my shoe salesmen recommended them and told me that Dansko was going to stop making them because they couldn’t make a profit (and these were like $15-20/PAIR).

I haven’t had to buy a new pair of socks in about 5 years.