Looking for good stuffed dates recipes

This year, in addition to the usual Christmas cookie line-up, I want to make dates stuffed with nuts. The only recipe I can find suggests boiling them in orange juice before stuffing, which seems odd to me. I can probably work out my own recipe through trial and error, but I wouldn’t mind having a guideline. So, anybody out there have a nice stuffed date recipe for me?

It’s so simple I hesitate to call it a recipe, but the ones my family makes (which I adore) are just pitted, stuffed with a plain walnut and then rolled in plain old sugar. I also have a variation (taken from an Ancient Roman writer) that calls for dipping them in warm honey instead of the cane sugar.

Dates stuffed with nuts are so good, I had some from saudi arabia but I dont know what the recipe was.

We do the same as Melandry but roll them in powdered sugar.

Pecans are also good, just depends on what we have on hand that year.