Looking for help with rock identification please!

Was out doing some rock hunting today and founds these beauties. From bottom to top is red Jasper, Dallasite, the one I don’t know and basalt with rose quartz (I think).


Here’s some other angles of the mystery one:



Nearly impossible to say, really. It’s pretty nondescript - could be anything from siltstone to limestone to some kind of fine-grained felsic volcanic, absent other testing/magnification.

My first instinct is some kind of rhyolite, because the gradation from fine-grained to super-fine-grained looks more like a chill margin than a sedimentary grading to me, but that’s a guess.

I assume this is Vancouver island we’re talking about?

Nice finds for one day of rock hounding. The mystery rock reminds of turquoise although the color is very pale. It appears to have the smooth lines of river pebble, might say something about it’s hardness and solubility. The bottom picture shows it more seamlessly joined to the larger less colorful part. It is similar to striated shale gravel found around here, and I assume found in most of the rest of the world too.

Yes on Vancouver Island. The pale green part almost feels like glazed pottery. At first I thought it was chert but I haven’t seen chert that pale before.

I think the pink is feldspar rather than quartz.