Looking for information on an informational cartoon

The cartoon is “The Adventures Of Dodo”. They are short, comedic in nature, and usually provide information about animals and cultures around the world. Dodo’s accent seems to be Australian.

Apparently it is a French production, translated into several languages. Dodo, le retour (TV Series 1995–1996) - IMDb
Found a few episodes on YouTube.

So what information are you looking for?

Where it came from, when it aired etc.

There is wiki page …

(which should ask if you want to translate to english the first time you visit)

Sleep, the return is a television series of’animation Franco-Swiss with 65 episodes of about 5 minutes. Created by Christian Joller and produced by Francis Nielsen, the series was broadcast in France for the first time on Canal J in November 1995 then on September 4, 1996 on France 2 in the show Donkey-Kong Planet . It was then broadcast in 1999 on France 2 in the show Animate your Weekend .