Looking for interesting success stories of people under 30

I was wondering if anyone might be willing to help me put together a list of inspirational, interesting or otherwise cool people who have accomplished something a bit extraordinary before turning 30. I’d like to start a motivational blog for other young people (or anyone else curious) to read about different paths to success and while perhaps even gaining exposure to new fields or facts (about business, or art, or politics etc).

I would very much appreciate any help you can provide in suggesting names of living people under 30 that fit the above criteria. To give you an even better sense of what I’m looking for, here are some examples I’ve come up with so far (feel free to critique my choices as you see fit!).

Zach Anner

Jessica Mah

Craig Kielburger

Adam Wilson

Any suggestions for more people, or feedback on the blog premise (or how it can be tweaked/improved) would be most excellent.

Max Levchin