The 'Things You Must Do Before 30' List

Assume that you’re single and just turned 29. You’ve got a year to become a wise, worldly and experienced (and really cool) thirty year old. You don’t want to feel like life is passing you by without a good fight.

What’s on the list of things to do?

I did just turn 29 this month, I am single, and I don’t have a list. Why? Because my major goal (finishing grad school within the 2 year limit I’ve set for myself) can’t possibly be completed before I turn 30, as I just started the program in August.

But I’ll be interested to see other’s ideas. Ya know, give me something to work on during the next 11 months or so.

Since it’s been ages since I turned thirty, and I probably didn’'t do anything on most people’s lists, it would be too depressing to read. I suppose there’s still time to get arrested for having unsafe sex with a stripper and an ostrich while skydiving into a Stones concert, but it just seems so empty now.

Buy a boat and sail from Honolulu to Papaete.

Or just sit on the couch and watch “Gilligan’s Island” reruns and be happy you’ll be alive to celebrate turning 30.
Actually you know, I’m almost there and I haven’t the foggiest idea. Personally I probably wont pay all that much attention to it. Plus I got a cat. I’m so boring. Although I would like to buy a nice 30 foot sailboat and learn hot to really sail her and sail around the eastern Pacific. Marquesas, Tahiti you know the places.

Finish your degree?

Get a job?

(Note, after having read my post: that was not sarcasm, but excerpts from my list! I didn’t make it by 30, but I did get a job and will finish the Ph.D. at 31–my present age.)

I’m about to turn 29 (in October), and I’m thinking of running a marathon when I turn 30.
Other than that, trying to work on reducing my credit card debt, stuff like that.

Man this is the best idea ever, wonder where I can find an ostrich? As for my own list I have done a good amount of it. I would like to see a few more states. The thing I would really really like to do though is ride my motorcycle to Alaska and just sit/camp at the Artic circle on June 21, my birthday. I will be 30 next year.

Trave and Experience/Learn as much as you can.

I’m just trying to hang on to my hair until I’m 30.

That’s when mine went…


Female and interested in having children - your eggs are aging.

Male and want to have kids with someone who isn’t young enough to be your daughter - her eggs are aging.

If you want to be a cool 30- (or 40- or 50- or whatever-) year-old, I suggest living your life to the fullest extent possible, realizing that you’re not rehearsing for some indefinite time when you will arrive and that the path itself is the goal. Don’t worry about deadlines, whether self-imposed or not, just start doing whatever it is you want to get done. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking, “I’ll never be able to accomplish such-and-such by this specific age, so I have to find something else to do.”

Above all, keep an open mind, be interested in other people, and try to realize that life doesn’t pass anyone by unless they choose to see it that way. The life you’re living is it. Use it as you will.

Learn to drive a stick.

Make good chili.

Play in a band.

Fall in love.

Get your heart broken.

Get a tattoo. Or don’t.

Win a contest.

Forgive somebody.

Be cool.

Do something you’ll regret.

Resolve to never stop learning.

Fight a minor injustice.

Ease someone’s pain.



Go for a swim.

Things to do before 30 (written from an 18 year old perspective):

Get a college degree

Move out of my parents basement**

That about sums it up for me.

Er, Blalron, why do your parents keep you in the basement? Is there something you’re not telling us?

First step: Realize that turning 30 isn’t a big deal and you can do any of the following at any age. That out of the way here are my top five.

  1. If you haven’t been to any of the summer festivals in Spain (San Fermines, La Tomatina, etc.) I’d put that pretty high up on the list. If you have been, go back.

  2. I’d also travel to a place that is culturally, very distinct form what you’re used to. Personally I’d do India, the Australian outback, or Argentina.

  3. Read a couple of those books you’ve been meaning to read. Read a couple o’ books you haven’t been meaning to read.

  4. Take an interest in some arbitrary type of music.

  5. Change career path (at least for a little bit).

  6. (reprise) Learn a new language.

Another one: consider moving to a foreign country for a while (like a year or more), if you can, and learn the language. This can be the experience of a lifetime, and it’s harder to pull off as you grow older.

-be part of a major motion picture (in some way, shape, or form - preferably acting but I’d take a behind the scenes roll)


-play professional soccer (or football if you prefer)

-fall in love

-see the three remaining continents

-learn how to dance (something other than club dancing, I can do that just fine)

Become who, what, and where you wish to be.

[sub]which, of course, requires you to know who, what, and where you wish to be…[/sub]