Looking for kid-friendly appetizers...?

My daughter’s B-day is coming up and I am looking for recipes that are kid-friendly, but different than the normal hot dogs and chips.

Any thoughts?


My favorite finger food when I was a kid was English-muffin pizzas. Put a bit of butter on each muffin, then use basic pizza sauce and toppings and put in the oven until the cheese is slightly toasty. If you are really brave you could let the kids make their own with a topping buffet…

How old is she? Taco parties and such are a lot of fun - everybody builds their own, everybody’s happy, and it’s an activity and a food all in one!

My mom used to do the mini-pizza thing, too. Also sometimes she’d make eggrolls.

How old are the kids?

Veggies and dip always go over well here, as does tzatsiki with pita bread cut like pie to dunk in it… (went over very well with my 2 y/o last night!)

Kids love these:

Smokey Links, wrapped in half a crescent roll and baked.

Dip them in a 1/2 & 1/2 mixture of yellow mustard and currant jelly.

The youngsters dig the hell outta these.

Hot dog octopi.

Given the season, you’re wanting something hot, right? Try Devils on Horseback - prunes wrapped in bacon. Beef bacon if you’re Jewish or Moslem.

Pigs in a blanket! (What’s currant jelly?)

I was thinking maybe you could make Buffalo Wings (fried chicken, usually part of a wing, i think, utterly covered in hot barbecue sauce). These are fun because they’re as messy as humanly possible, and they’re good because they taste just like chicken. Possible downside is that not all kids like hot barbecue sauce (and it’s messy).

Currant jelly is made from currants. Gurney's - America's Most Complete Seed and Nursery

At first I was afraid it was going to be a weird flavor, but it’s not. You can also substitute grape or strawberry jelly. But you can get currant jelly virtually anywhere.