Childhood Foods

What kind of foods did you eat as a kid and still eat today? I’m not talking about candy bars or Hostess Twinkies, common things that we all eat. I’m talking about the kinds of things that most other adults do not eat.


Chocolate Malt-O-Meal with a giant handful of mini marshmallows in it - just had it last night for my supper!

Hard cinnamon toast slathered with peanut butter and dunked in coffee (half milk, half coffee with sugar) - one of my favorite weekend breakfasts

I am still a big hot chocolate person. Coffee is maybe once a month at most but hot chockey is daily especially since I can get it for free from the vending machine at work.

Another thing, although more a family thing, is raw beef. When I was a kid and we could get the really fresh stuff Dad would make us “Cannibal Burgers” with a mixture of spices in the ground beef. I still do the same thing (when the wife isn’t around) or sometimes super-thin slices of fresh beef on rye.


This sounds amazing. I’ll have to try it sometime.

I grew up on sugary cereal (Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, etc). My wife won’t let me eat that stuff anymore, but I would if not for her good influence :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too! Sorry, not the raw beef :eek: but hot chocolate. That’s my hot beverage of choice. The only time I have coffee is to dunk my toast & peanut butter…and I don’t drink any of it.

An egg, fried in the hole removed from a piece of bread. There are many names for this; we called it a “Rocky Mountain.” The only thing I do differently is melting some sharp cheddar on top.

It is amazing. I thought I was the only one that ate the hard cinnamon toast. I went to grab some at the grocery store (they make their own in the bakery) and it was gone. I asked the clerk and she said that they can’t keep it on the shelves! This has happened a few times now. Who knew?!

I eat Lucky Charms for supper some nights!

My mother used to feed us egg yolks beaten with sugar. Made from freshly laid eggs. Delicious!

I’m sure we’d have Child Welfare take away MiniAtlas if we tried to feed her raw eggs.

Seasonally apt: Did anybody else eat “snow ice cream” as a kid? First big snow of the year my mom would mix a bowl of fresh snow with milk, sugar and a touch of vanilla.

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You didn’t add food coloring? Maybe that was a southern Appalachian thing.

This just came up. Someone asked me what I’m doing this weekend, and I said “Well, the wife’s working, so I’ll be in my jammies, watching my old Saturday Morning Favorites (on DVD, now)… while eating a huge bowl of Lucky Charms!”

My mom would make me a fried bologna sandwich on late Saturday morning, just in time for Johnny Quest. But damn, I haven’t had one in fifty years.

I don’t think I belong in this thread.

This! I loved when my mom would make eggs like this. She would always put a bit of butter on the part she cut out to make the hole and give it to us to to eat while we waited. We called it Toad in a Hole, but in V for Vendetta they call it Eggy in a Basket.

Crisp-fried Spam and scrambled eggs on hot buttered toast.

PB&J cut in triangles and no crusts.
Cocoa and sugar sprinkled on buttered bread and toasted under a broiler.
Tomato soup and crackers crumbled in it.
And, me and my brothers fave, ketchup sandwiches. Yum.

My Irish American mother in the Bronx called this a Porterhouse egg. This name doesn’t turn up on Google. I probably haven’t had one in 40 years.

For me it was a sandwich on white bread (Wonder) with some paper thin slices of smoked turkey (Carl Buddig), and Miracle Whip. Probably the whitest sandwich you could ever make. Just today I had a craving and got some deli sliced mesquite smoked turkey breast, some Pepperidge Farms Farmhouse Hearty White bread, and of course Miracle Whip (it’s gotta have that zip).

If only Wild World of Sports would have been on I would have felt like I was a time traveler.

Thick buttered toast with chocolate shavings on top, Dutch style.

Campbell’s Cream of Tomato soup with crackers AND a hot grilled cheese sandwich. Has to be thick Kraft American cheese on white bread, fried in lots and lots of butter. Oooooooooooooh, OMG, soooooooooo good! :o

Does Hostess still make their glazed fruit pies? My favorites were always Mixed Berry and French Apple, with raisins.