what was your favourite food as a kid?

When I was little I really liked white rice (cooked with a 'tad of garlic and salt, as it is usual here in Brazil) and corn. Maybe some meat as well. And I was CRAZY for chocolate. I still love this combination, although now I am a vegetarian. What was your favourite food when YOU was a kid? Do you still enjoy it?

Chips, salty snacks of any kind.

It caught up to me.

My mom used to make something we called “Russian Chicken” which was simply drumsticks & thighs with bottled Russian dressing poured over them and then baked. One of my favorite dinners.

Mashed potatoes
and I still love them.

Mustard sandwiches. I still love mustard (have to have different kinds for different things) but now the thought of eating just mustard on bread makes me gag.

My mom didn’t cook, cept on Christmas. So, my fav was the greasy, grilled cheese sandwiches at the school cafeteria. There were cheap at 15 cents. I could easily eat two.

Macaroni and cheese. My mom’s recipe, not the Kraft blue box.

Ham, cheese, lettuce, mayo, onion sandwich. Still is. I’m 70…

Fried shrimp.

Hamburgers with all the fixings. I hated ordering off the kids menu where all you got was meat and a bun.

Breast milk.

Pork chops were very high on the list, apple pie in the sweet dept.

thumps Leaffan with a box of Kraft mac and cheese

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

Chicken Kiev with mashed potatoes and kosher style pickles on the side.

Remains in my top ten favourite foods ever.

Campbell’s green pea soup. Not really sure why; I don’t really like it that much now.

When I was a kid every meal was served with white bread and butter. To this day I love piling whatever we are eating (spaghetti, beef stroganoff, spanish rice…) on a piece white bread covered in a lot of butter to the point where the butter starts melting down your hand.

My Mom’s fried chicken. I have tried to duplicate it but have failed. But I can match her chicken gravy though.

If asked then, I probably would have said pizza, though I might have already liked fresh tomatoes or dandelion salad better. It’s hard to say, though, since those are both seasonal.

Summer sausage, cheddar cheese, and chocolate milk.

Nowadays, I have just omitted the chocolate milk. Solid dark chocolate works fine, though.

Icecream, pizza (especially after watching Ninja Turtles), kiwi’s, carrots, and cookies were probably on the top of the list.