what was your favourite food as a kid?

Deviled ham sandwich. I’ll still occasionally have it, though on whole-wheat bread, rather than the nasty white bread I ate as a kid.

Chicken a la King. Haven’t had it in decades.

Even though it’s a bitch to get out of the glass. :smiley:

The local fast food joint near us (Chuck-a-Burger) sold pizza-burgers. My fav as a kid.

See’s candy. I can remember wishing on anything available (stars, wishbones, etc.) that every morning when I woke up there would be a box of See’s candy under my pillow.

Either grilled cheese with tomato soup, fried bologna sandwich with butter (and the notch cut into the bologna), or Mom’s bean soup with cornbread. We had the first two fairly often, but I know that I requested the bean soup and cornbread for birthdays.

Now I really want my mom’s bean soup with cornbread.

fried chicken if it was homecooked… or frito pie because we only at out about every other year… and eating out was passing by this little mom and pop stand to take my brother back to to state school for disabled, so it was a huge deal if we got to stop, and frito pie was there big thing.

I still loved fried chicken, but I like Popeyes now. I quit frying chicken about 10 years ago just because I wanted to. :slight_smile:

Chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, and pizza.
Deviled eggs.

Those are still arguably near the top of the list.

I considered lasagna to be the food of the gods as a little kid. Which considering most of the gods I read about as kid were Norse is probably a bit off, but whatever ;).

I still like the stuff, but my all-encompassing passion for it has worn off. I make it very occasionally and very rarely order it in Italian restaurants anymore. For one thing I’m slightly less enamored with mounds of cheesy goodness than I used to be ( my digestion no longer appreciates it as much ). But more it was a rare treat when I was a kid, as it was not a part of my parent’s regular cooking repertoire.

Boiled hot dogs, Kraft Deluxe Macaroni and Cheese, and spinach. That remains my favorite meal memory as a kid. It’s total comfort/family food. There are a lot of memories (some good, some bad) associated with that meal, but it always speaks “childhood” to me when I think about it.

Bangers and mash with onion gravy. I haven’t had it in decades but really, really want some now.

I suppose my parents were trying to save money. So when I was a toddler mom would make me a hard-boiled egg mashed with butter, salt and pepper.

And to make it sound super delicious she called it “Oh man, oh lady, oh boy it’s good.” I asked for that all the time.

Spaghetti with store-bought spaghetti sauce and ground beef, with grated cheddar cheese or that powdery parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.

I still like it, but I doctor up my sauce a bit and add mushrooms, and sometimes use sausage instead of ground beef.

Captain D’s fried fish, with a metric buttload of vinegar. I remain fond of it.

I think my favorite cooked dish was my mother’s Turkey Tetrazzini. It had macaroni and turkey and a crispy breaded topping, and it was creamy like mac and cheese, only the sauce wasn’t a cheese sauce, it was more sour cream based, I think. Anway, we only had this dish as part of the turkey leftovers phenomenon, so maybe a couple of times a year.

I also loved her hamburger stroganoff, which also had a sour cream sauce. It was served over some kind of noodles, probably egg noodles.

I loved it when we had popcorn night. We had to stir the popcorn, which often turned out to be my job as the youngest, but it wasn’t difficult, and we used real melted butter on it. In those days*, popcorn wasn’t ubiquitous like it is now. Pretty much you only got it at the movies. So having it at home was a special occasion.

*We also tied onions to our belts, because that was the style at the time.

Toad in a hole: the kind where you take a piece of bread and cut out a hole and then you fry the bread with a fried egg in the hole. Like this.

My mom’s mac and cheese. And the bread and butter dipped in her homemade hot chocolate on snow days. :slight_smile: And her pancakes.

Also milk toast. Butter two pieces of white toast and cover them with a layer of white sugar. Lay them on a plate and pour milk from the side till they soaked it up.

Ohhhhh, that looks good.:slight_smile:

If I have to pick only one food, I guess it’d be meatloaf. With lots of ketchup. My father always yelled at me for putting ketchup on everything.

Also: anything we ate at a “cook-out.” Hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, cole slaw.

Oh, and I have to mention Nickles Banana Flips.

That was a go-to when I was sick with the cold or flu as a kid. I still occasionally make it today when I’m sick. It’s soft, warm, easy to make, easy to swallow and full of protein.

I mash a couple of hard boiled eggs in a mug: easier to handle that way.

ETA: Maybe mash isn’t the right word, more like chop into pieces with a butter knife.

How to pick only one…?

I loved pancakes with tons of butter. Uh, make that margarine- we never had “real butter”.

Chicken cooked almost any way. Fried works.

Eggs. And toast. Toast with apple butter or butter (margarine) and cinnamon.

Graham crackers and cream cheese, That was my after-school snack.

And mom’s Toll House cookies.

And popovers! Popovers right out of the oven. I’ve made them a few times, and they come out OK. But not anywhere near as good as mom’s.

Potato chips.