Things you can't believe you ate as a kid.

I recently threw away a can of potted meat that I had bought to taunt my wife. I previously told her how I used to eat potted meat every day for lunch for like two or three years in grade school. She was grossed.

Fun fact: did you know that beef tripe is a major ingredient in potted meat? :eek: We threw a work party once and read the product’s ingredients aloud for entertainment (wife’s idea).

I also ate cheese and mustard sandwiches for another few years during grade school, and I added potato chips to the sandwich after a friend showed me how it improved the taste and texture.

Surely, nobody here ate such nasty food growing up. (Or, do you still eat it?)

I use to microwave bologna and eat it. I can’t stand bologna now, especially hot. What was I thinking? Also, I use to love soft boiled eggs. Yuck!

The weirdest thing I ever ate as a child came from the tree in the front yard. I don’t remember what kind of tree it was, just that we called it an “ear tree”. It had some sort of large ear shaped seed. It looked kind of like a chocolate cookie to me so I took a big bite out of one. It tasted awful!

The next day I asked my grandma about the seeds on the tree and she told me they were poison (I don’t know if it was true). I worried for the next three weeks that I was going to die in my sleep from a horrible slow acting poison. I didn’t even tell anyone I had eaten it because I was afraid I would get in trouble.

Kids can be so stupid!

My favorite thing to eat when I was younger was salami with whipped cream !!! I can’t even imagine eating the two together now.

Herring… I can’t believe I liked the stuff!! Now my son is following in my footsteps. It’s the Viking in him!

As a kid I used to love ketchup sandwiches on white bread. I liked to see the red coming thru the white when I squished the bread. eeeewwwwww!

Zumba, that reminds me, I also ate fried bologna.

SR: salami with whipped cream? :eek: If this were a contest, you’d have a commanding lead.

Liversausage sandwiches.


My parents still buy liversausage; they use it to wrap up pills to give to the dog. It’s the most revolting food-like substance I’ve seen in my adult life, but turn back the clock about 15 years and, mm-hmm, liversausage and mayo sandwhich, now that’s good eatin’!

Towering white bread and mayonnaise sandwiches. Nothing else— just mayonnaise and white bread, although I later switched to rye. I would use up to six slices of bread in these monstrosities of blandness. <gag>

Lunatic13, I also had a thing for liver sausage. On toast. NO mayo. <yeek!>

'Scuse me; I need to go drink a gallon of something now…

If it’s strange food combinations you want…

Oh my god… the sugar I used to eat. My dad alway bought cheap unsweetened cereal for us… we would dump half the sugar bowl over it! We’d be spooning up damp sugar crystals after the cereal was eaten. ::retch!::

I had stomach problems as a baby up to 5 years of age, so I basically ate out of a tube connected to my stomach. When I started eating reguarly (sort of) I took BBQ chips and licked the BBQ tasting off of it and put them back in the bag. My parents were thrilled that I was eating that they would buy bags and bags of BBQ chips. I never made odd food concotions when I was a child. I’m not sure why.

As for things not meant to be eaten: I remember I used to take individual bits of cat food and dunk them in the cat’s water until they got soggy and ate them (I only did this once when I was about five or four). In Kindergarten I ate dirt on a dare. In my backyard I ate a leaf (I was slightly disapointed that the leaf had no taste; I thought it would be something horribly disgusting that I could raise a fuss about). I’ve also tried Play-Doh (salty).


Baked potatoes with bacon bits and honey.

Dill pickle and mustard omelettes.

Peanut butter, honey and corn flake sandwhiches. Wait, those were actually pretty good…

Hmmm…I used to take great pleasure in eating live black carpenter ants that were skittering around the porch in the summertime.
I was very young, but i remember that they tasted very HOT.
It must have been the formic acid.

Oh yes, and i used to eat balongna…yeeecchhhhhhh!

Hey! Let me share Scarlett’s recipe for “Cheater’s Grilled Cheese and Bologna Sandwich”:


slice of bread
slice of cheese
slice of bologna
slice of cheese
slice of bologna
slice of bread

Microwave for 30 seconds on each side.

Hey, I never said it was gourmet, but sometimes I just need something quick to stop my stomach from growling so I can concentrate on work.

OK, something gross I ate as a kid? Hmmmm . . . nope, can’t think of anything that I don’t still eat, although there must be something. I once paid my sister a quarter to eat a dog biscuit – can I count that?

I truly am disgusted. The little :eek: smilie does this no justice.

Wow, some of this stuff is really nauseating. Ketchup sammiches? Mayonnaise sammiches? Wow.

I remember that if I left the mustard bottles open, a little mustard would ooze out the top. I would just sit around, with an open mustard bottle on the table next to me, and wipe the mustard off the top with my finger and lick it. I would do this for long periods of time. Eventually, I just took off the cap and stuck a fork in the bottle and licked off the mustard.

I would pour a glass of milk and dump in a couple spoonfuls of Quik (chocolate or strawberry, usually strawberry). I wouldn’t stir it up, I’d just let it settle on the bottom of the glass, and drink the slightly flavored milk by the spoonful. When I got to the bottom of the glass, I’d pour the wet Quik into my mouth. I would often have to wipe my finger along the side of the glass to get the streak of Quik along the side of the glass.

Boogers…'nuff said.

Hotdogs. It’s just haggis in a bun to me now.
Pudding. I know I used to eat it, but I can’t anymore. I don’t know why.
American Cheese. My flatmate’s boytoy left some im my 'fridge. Ewwwww!

Then again, there’s lots of thing I could not stand when I was a kid and I eat/drink willingly now.

Dog food.

I can’t believe how much sugar I could put away as a kid–sweet cereals, half a pan of fudge, if I could get away with it, cakes with buttercream frosting. That kind of stuff gives me a headache these days.

My daughter is the same way. She only weighs about 30 pounds and, if we’d let her, she could put away more candy than I can at, um, several times her weight.

As for foods I would never eat again. Vienna Sausages. They look like little severed…well, never mind.

Ah – fond memories.

White bread, with mayo and mustard, covered with potato chips! (Chip sandwich.)

Banana sandwich, with mayo and mustard and, frequently, chips.

Peanut butter and butter on white. (Got that from my late grandmaw.)

Bacon grease – chilled – and mustard on rye. (Tasty!)

Peanut butter and accent on a cracker with Land-o-Lakes margarine. (Still do that today.)

Mayo and mustard on rye.

Good eats! :smiley: