Foods you ate as a kid

Seeing all the other “nostalgic” posts inspired me to start this one about foods you ate as a kid and whether you eat them now.

Butterfinger, Reese’s Cups, Hershey bar (ick, no almonds!), PayDay. (Still eat them now and again)

Jaw Breakers, Astro Pops (death on a stick, it was horribly sharp and probably wouldn’t be allowed today), Zotz (hard candy with that weird fizzy stuff in the middle - do they still make these?), those wax bottles (or other shapes) with the flavored sugar fluid-like stuff in 'em.

Frosted Flakes (eat 'em ‘fore they get soggy and wet-cardboard-like). Cap’t Crunch (full of sugar AND gunks up your teeth - that’s good eatin’), Sugar Corn Pops, Honey Comb, Alpha-Bits (they cahnged their formula once and it tasted like paint smells, eeeecchhh)

Mayonaise sandwiches (you read it right, just mayo smeared on a piece of bread - can’t stand mayo now, B-T-W), lunch meat sandwiches with potato chips crunched into 'em, Spagettio’s (still eat 'em once in a while, my mother hated the smell)

Well, I’m sure there are a lot more, but it’s late. Let’s hear it folks…

Fluffernutter sandwiches!!
mmmmmmmm…fluff… :slight_smile:

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Good ol’ Campbell’s casseroles: noodles, tomato soup, fried hamburger, cheese and onions. Ditto tuna casserole, w/ cream of 'shroom soup.
Dang! Memory is the first to go…my favorite candy bar was sorta malted nougat inside, w/ nuts and covered w/ white chocolate. I can’t remember the name of it to save my life; haven’t seen one in years.
Oh, and chocolate malted ice cream push pops. They were weird little cardboard cylinders w/ a stick on the end. You gooshed the ice cream up, but it always melted too fast down the stick, your arm and off your elbow.

Trumpy–believe it or not there is still something from our childhoods that today’s mega-overprotective parents have not destroyed–my niece had an Astro Pop just yesterday!

I loved Pop Rocks!! (Still do! I even eat them while drinking Coke!!!)

I also loved this pasta by Chef Boyardee that was called Roller Coasters. It tasted similar to today’s Dinosaurs and Spiderman Chef Boyardee pastas but not quite. I don’t think they make it anymore. (But if they do, by some chance, still sell it in your area, I will pay for you to buy and send me some!)

Also, does anyone else remember the jars of pasta that Ragu put out about 10-15 years ago–I think they were called (of all things) Ragu Pasta Meals. They had different varieties but my favorite was the one with shell-shaped pasta and the little meat thingies (I say “thingies” because they basically looked like pellets of rabbit food–and could have been for all I know!) Does anyone know what I’m talking about??

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Kool-Aid, corn dogs, Ho-Ho’s, Pixie Sticks, and my Nana used to make me grilled mustard sandwiches(just like grilled cheese, but with just mustard on the inside). Yummy!

Some kinda of candy/gum that came in push-out foil packages that had a combination of artificial flavours that I haven’t since been able to find or re-create. Mid- to late-1970s. Every so often I’ll find a bit of Chews (bubble gum seemingly cobbled together from bits off the production line floor) with the same flavour, but no single product.


When i was a kid my mom says i loved eggs and mac and cheese, won’t touch the stuff now.

Oddly enough from the time I was about 8-16 i wouldn’t eat anything with melted cheese on it. normal cheese was fine, but i couldn’t stand the thought of melted cheese.

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Your mother was a very sane person. When my son eats Spaghettios, I make UDD cooke them… the smell is so vile.

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razzle dazzles,a candy/gum. Name droppers,one side a girls name,other side boys. My name had Bill on the other side! Quisp. Jell-o 1-2-3. Beatle cones!

I agree with Opal Cat about the spaghetti-os. They smell nasty, I wouldn’t even eat them as a child.

I did however like the Chef Boy-ar-Dee ravioli, sometimes I still eat it. I also used to love Tuna Helper but my mom would never make it, so I had to plot and scheme to be invited to friend’s houses when their mom’s were making it.

As for candy, we used to love those bags of powedered sugar that you’d dip candy sticks into. The candy sticks were nasty, but mmm was that sugar good. Pixie sticks were awesome too, and those wax tubes with sugar water in them.

I wish they’d start making Mug O Lunch again; quick and easy. Little pouch with dessicated soup, mac and cheese, whatever, that you emptied into a cup of hot water and stirred for a quick yummy snack or a very light lunch.

Anyone else remember the A&W root beer float stands? I think there’s still one in Farmington, New Mexico…all the others I knew of have closed.

Yes, actually they do. They’re very hard to find, though…the only place I know of to get them around here, for example, is the candy counter at the local Spaghetti Warehouse. Someone (ChrisCTP, perhaps?) posted a website that has a bunch of different foods that are only regionally distributed, but I forget the URL. They sell Zotz, though, so if anyone has the URL, post it here!

Were we separated at birth? I love these things! My mom got me hooked, as her mother hooked her, as her mother hooked her…I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a carving of one of my earliest ancestors floating down the Nile, eating a fluffernutter sandwich.

My parents (at times) made us eat things like pigs-in-a-blanket and SPAM sandwiches, and those chicken pot pies…those frozen ones in the tin foil pan

They also made us choke down lima beans on occasion.

Cereal? Count Chocula, Super Sugar Crisps, cream of wheat, oatmeal, Captain Crunch

At family get-togethers one of my aunts would always bring the jello with shaved carrot bits floating in it…ew…

Snack foods? How about Bugles…or individual sized boxes of Cracker Jack…Hydrox cookies…Nutter Butters…Nilla Wafers…Mike-Sells potato chips…Funions…

Beverages?..more Kool-aid that I care to remember…Barqs red creme soda…Mello Yello

When I was a kid back in the early ‘70s, my mom used to give us kids a quarter a week for candy. We’d walk a few blocks to the local liquor store where we could buy 6 pieces of candy for 25 cents. Not candy bars, which were too rich for our blood. there were 2 rows of the 6 for 25 cents variety – we could choose among LemonHeads, Jawbreakers (small ones in a box), RedHots, Boston Baked Beans, Tart n’ Tinys, Mike n’ Ikes, Charms Sweet/Sour Lollypops and, I’m sure, some other stuff I’ve forgotten. My sister always rationed her candy so she had a portion a day until the next saturday. My brother always ate all 6 pieces on the walk home. I saved mine until after my saturday afternoon library trek and then ate all my stash during the weekend candy/book orgy.


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I almost forgot to mention…There are still some A&W root beer stands here in Ohio…

Oh…forgot more…fast food?

In my family, Burger Chef was the definition of eating out…

FIZZIES!!! Remember them? Little tablets in assorted flavors like root beer, cola, cherry and grape! Drop one or two in a glass of water and they fizzed and turned the water into something like soda! The more you dumped in - if your Mom would let you - the stronger the fizz and flavor. Alias! They don’t make them anymore.

Mac and cheese = yes I ate it and yes I still love it.
Peter Paul Mounds= yes and no.
Mayo and MUSTARD sandwiches! = yes and YES!
Banana and Mayo and mustard sandwiches = yes and YES!
Mayo and potato chips = yes and yes! (Hey! Don’t knock it until you try it. Isn’t there a recipe out there concerning crushed potato chips and chicken or something?)
Jell-O = yes and not very often.
Ice Cream = yes and rarely.
Chocolate Milk = yes and yes (but not that often because I liked Borden’s Milk, which down here in Florida is hard to find. MacAuthures (formaldehyde strengthened) milk has over run everything else).
Buttermilk = YES OH YES OH YES-YES-YES!! I still like it, but again I like Borden’s because it actually had butter in it. Mac Authures used, of all things, TAPIOCA!
Green beans = no and no.
Liver = NO! NO! NO! NO!
Organ meat = BLEECH!!
Olive Loaf= yes and yes.
PB and J = yes and yes.
Jelly Beans = yes and yes.
Snickers = no and yes.
3 musketeers = occasionally and not often.
Spinach = Yes and yes (thanks to Popyeye the Sailor Man)!
Liver Loaf = Ugh! No.
Braunschwager = no and yes. (Talk about artery clogging!)
Ritz crackers = yes and no. (My Mother used to make Mock Apple pie using Ritz Crackers as the apples. When done, they had the translucent quality of cooked apples and the pie was GOOD! Go figure!)
Cream pies of all sorts = yes and not often.
Cakes – except carrot (yuck!) = yes and not often.
Hard candy, fruit flavored = yes and not often.
Rock Candy = YES! and no.
Rootbeer barrels = YES and no.
Nonparrils (SP?) [those little disks of chocolate covered on one side with tiny, white candy beads. I think they’re also called ‘snow flakes’.] Yes and no.
Pixie Dust Stix = yes and no.
Pork Chops = YES! and not very often. (Change of taste rather than fear of fat.)
Casserols = yes and no.
Pancakes = yes and rarely.
Wax ‘lips’ = yes and – well – yes. (I have an 8 year old niece who likes to ‘share’.
Wax bottles, tubes guns full of sweet flavored colored liquid = YES! and very rarely. (Hard to find and they seem to have somehow gotten smaller over the decades.)
School paste = yes and no. (They musta changed the formula because it doesn’t smell as good as it used to.)
Bubblegum cigars = yes and try to find them now!
Chocolate cigarettes = not really and they ain’t around no more. (Big League Chew replaced them.)

Whew! I think that’s enough for now.

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Max–we have an A&W here in Northeast Tenessee. There may be more in the state but I only know of this one.

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If you are born again, do you have two belly buttons?