What is your most child-like food?

For me - Goldfish. I do stick to the yellow ones, though. Have you seen those giant boxes of Goldfish at Walmart? Damn!

Mac and cheese from a box. I can, and usually do, make it from scratch, but sometimes only the box will do.

Twinkies, as well.


Instant Jello butterscotch pudding.

I almost never buy it. But I’m always tempted.

Count Chocula and BooBerry cereals.

Iced Zoo biscuits. Only South Africans would understand.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?

Goldfish is like the one thing I love to eat that I can’t get in my country. Anyone I know who’s been to the United States is legally required to bring me Goldfish.

Popsicles. Last night it was Creamsicle knockoffs, the fake orange flavor with the vanilla ice cream center.

Spoonfuls of peanut butter out of the jar.


Oh yeah! Add chicken-noodle or tomato soup, and a handful of potato chips, and I’m there!

When I was a kid at school, it was expected that you’d go home for lunch (Beaver Cleaver days, when Moms didn’t work). PB&J, soup, and chips were a staple for lunch at home. I still enjoy them today, though now I dispense with the chocolate milk in favour of coffee.

I have lately taken a shine to Oreo Minis. : )

Chocolate Chip Cookies!

I’d have to go with PB&J, too. Or maybe peanut butter crackers.

Heh–it occurs to me that some folks outside of the US may not even know what we’re talking about, and could be super grossed out.

Peanut butter sandwiches (no jelly) and some Doritos (Nacho Cheese). And a big glass of milk.

I also like Twinkies and sometimes have a few with my morning coffee at work.

For whatever reason, we never had these as kids - I’m guessing because my mom never had them when she was a kid. Now, tho, it’s a pretty standard breakfast for me.

To answer the OP, for me it’s canned ravioli. It was a special treat when we were kids, especially when my grandmother would be the one opening the can. On the rare occasions that I decide I need some now, it takes me back to my 9-y/o self. It’s really not very good, but still…

Twizzlers. It’s the only candy I ever buy. If I don’t stop myself, I will consume an entire bag in one sitting.

I know what you mean. I think its “secret” is that synthetic looking powdered cheese. LOL

Those little bags of fruit snacks! Once i opened one up, it didn’t survive 5 minutes. I don’t buy them for the same reason I don’t buy pistachio nuts, I’ll simply keep eating them til their gone. LOL

Dude. That is so wrong and funny. :laughing: