Looking for language translation software

Yeah, I know about babelfish, etc.

Looking for English<>Polish

About 15 months ago I came across language translation software from a British company. Compatible with MS Word, etc. Didn’t buy it at the time & now I’m having trouble locating it doing web searches. I seem to remember that it did “machine translation” meaning that it parsed sentences, etc.

Does anyone here have any experience with such software?

Word Tran from Translation Experts looks pretty good and affordable and it’s probably a good starting point.
All advice will be appreciated.


You realize that no translation program attains anywhere near fluency. For that reason I would recommend you contact your friendly local translator, who like me is probably barely able to pay rent.

I don’t need fluency, Matt, I’m just looking for something reasonably affordable, say <$200USD, that will be faster than flipping through my dictionary word by word.

If I could find a student translator here at the local University, what would you think I’d be charged for translations?

I’ve never used a translation service.

No, really. I can state categorically that translating programs are of no damned use in terms of preparing anything that anyone else will see.