swedish translation program

here’s the deal: i have about 20 pages of text in swedish (family history stuff) that i’d like to translate, and i want to get a program to do it. i’ve tried the dictionary route, but that doesn’t cut it. and i don’t wanna pay someone 20 bucks an hour or whatever to do it. i’ve found some online dictionaries, and they suck. and i’ve got two free ware programs, one which translates it to esperanto, and then to english, and one that just kind of half assed does it, and is supposed to work with Word, but i guess not with word 97.

so does anyone know of a good, fairly cheap, swedish to english translation program?


[url=“mailto:anniz@cybergal.com”]Anniz* is Swedish. She may be able to help you find some resources.

Sorry. I suck.

ubermensch, I’ve actually done some translation of old documents for family research. As a matter of fact I have several documents in Swedish pertaining to my own family history and I’m quite interested in tackling this project. I am by no means a professional; but I’m sure I could do a decent job at it.

Machine translation, let me add, is still a seriously developing field and even professional translators don’t use it by itself, but more as a tool and an aid in their work. You’re probably better off looking for someone who speaks Swedish and is willing to give some of their time to translate the documents for a small consideration per page (way under $20 an hour). Like me, for example :smiley:

If you’re really interested in getting the documents translated, email me from my profile here on the SDMB and let’s talk.