Need a Japanese to English translation program, Please.

Can anyone tell me where I might find a good (and free) Japanese to English translation program? I’ve got an English to Japanese program from Babylon Translators on the web, but they do not have the other.

I’m writing to some Japanese friends who are still learning English and I really like to talk, but it takes them forever to translate, so I thought I might give them a break and try to write in Japanese.

As you might have noticed from your own software, Machine Translation sucks. Your idea will not work. Using a MT to change your English into Japanese will produce incomprehensible Japanese. At least, if you put the text in English, there is a text that contains what you really want to say. The Japanese MT will usually produce text that cannot ever be deciphered into the original messages’ meaning.

Most Japanese, unless they are very old or grow up way out in the countryside, usually can read English fairly well. They may never learn to speak it, but they usually can read it OK.

I would concur with Chas. E that you shouldn’t try a machine to translate. This is one field where humans still have an edge.

It is my experience that most Japanese can’t even read English, regardless of how old they are or how many years they studied in school.

BTW, I put up a web page with dictionary tools and an example of Machine Translation at:

My sample text, which was deliberately made from the simplest English sentences I could create, did not translate accurately into Japanese. For example, I wrote “It was a dark and stormy night” and the Japanese translation means “It was dark, and after that, it was a windy night.”

Machine Translation is a long ways off. MT is best used as a tool to help translators, and save them the effort of looking up words in dictionaries.

Well, heck! My friends are learning English and sometimes, it takes them days to translate my e-mail, so I’ve been forced to reduce the letters to like a paragraph or two.

Well, thank you all anyhow.

AT, this might sound a bit new to you, but you see your browser URL window? drop this text into it just like it were an address: English to Japanese

Hit return, presto! websites that can do that for ya.

Im pretty sure altavista.bablefish has English to Japanese translators.