japanese to english translation programs

can anyone reccomend a good japanese to english translation that will translate to english from japanese in romaji?

I’ve often wished I knew of one. :frowning:

You could have a look at http://intertran.tranexp.de/?

I am not sure if it is any good, but the web based translation at least benefits from the virtue of being free.

Jim Breen’s J-DIC is what I use, it’s free and helpful to me at least. If you email me i would be willing to do translation of shorter bits of text if you wish. Am I the only one who wonders why the pope of hentai would be asking about this?

actually its because i’m trying to translate an Anpanman nes game into english, i’m having trouble dumping the script, have to pull it out manually, and cant type in kana. thanx for the offer to help though and if i need it i’ll be more that happy to email you.