Looking for Mother Goose

Many, many years ago, I had a book of nursery rhymes that I loved.

Unfortunately, my mom gave away this book to the children of a co-worker, and I’ve never been able to find another copy of it. I want one. Lots. So in addition to trying a book search service, I’m going to turn to the Dopers of the World, 'cause most of the information I have about this book relates to its contents and appearance. I no longer remember the exact title, and I never knew who published it or illustrated it.

The title was, I think, Mother Goose Tales and Other Nursery Rhymes, but it might have been Mother Goose and Other Nursery Rhymes.

It was a hardback with a grey-green cloth covering. It was large–at least 8.5"x11", maybe more, and fairly thick. The cover illustration showed a parade of characters from nursery rhymes, with the title of the book on a banner held up on poles. There was no dust jacket, and the cover illustration was in color on a white background and inset (is that the word?) into the cloth.

Interior illustrations were usually either black, white, and orange, or black, white, and blue with the occasional black, white, orange, and blue; there were a few full color plates.

Remembered illustrations include:[ul]
[li]a full color plate for “I Had a Little Nut Tree” showing an infanta in an arched doorway with her hands in the air facing a boy bowing next to a tree[/li][li]“One, Two, Buckle My Shoe” illustrated with black & white and orange and blue cats for each verse[/li][li]“Who Killed Cock Robin” with, again, blue, orange, black & white illustrations[/li][li]“To Market, To Market” had a picture of a man driving a large pig in an open carriage[/li][/ul] There was also two verses to “Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater” (the only nursery rhyme book I can remember ever seeing this in).

The book was purchased on a U.S. base in the UK between 1968 and 1972. It was probably published in the US, but no guarantee of that.

Has anyone else seen this book? Knows the actual title, publisher, illustrator, publication date? Has a copy in decent condition they’re willing to part with? Can point me to a search service able to handle a search for a book without a known title, editor, illustrator, or publisher?


One allowed bump.

While waiting for someone to come along who knows a good book search firm, does anyone want to trade nursery rhymes? I have an obscure second verse to “Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater” up for grabs.

The cover’s different but this might be the version you’re looking for.

If not, you may want to search Amazon.com.

Thank you, NDP. I think I already have that version, actually—given me by my mother some years back in an attempt to replace the one she’d given away. It isn’t the same one.

I think me and half.com, ebay, and adlib.com are going to be very friendly for a long, long time.