Looking for movies with evangelist preacher scenes.

I know there’s a bunch of them out there, I just can’t think of anything off hand.

The Apostle
Elmer Gantry
Inherit the Wind
Leap of Faith
The Miracle Woman

Life of Brian. What?

The Bill Rebane classic The Giant Spider Invasion.

Wow, you all are quick. :slight_smile:

I had four of ArchiveGuy’s six – what do I win?

Harry Dean Stanton was great as a con man / faith healer in the little-seen Uforia (1980).

Would you count Robert Mitchum’s preacher in The Night of the Hunter (1955)? I don’t recall how “evangelical” he was.

Blues Brothers

Contact. Only one off the top of my head.

Crimes of Passion has Anthony Perkins as a nutjob preacher.

Malcolm X
Fletch Lives - remember Elmer Fudd Gantry?

The Fool Killer

Didn’t Oh, God! have a scene like that? John (not Bob) Denver being sent by George Burns to confront the money-grubbing televangelist?

Porky’s II

Poltergiest II.

The Apostle, with Robert Duvall.

One of my favorite movie scenes is Jack Nicholson in the church in “The Witches of Eastwick.” Though, I have to admit that my viewing of the movie is colored by his actual speech in the Updike novel which is BEYOND CLASSIC. Evangelical? You bet!

Harold Hill’s song “We Got Trouble” in THE MUSIC MAN is kinda Evangelical-style.

Find a WorldWide Pictures film, and you’ll have THE Evangelical preaching scene- Billy Graham has one in about every movie they do (except for THE HIDING PLACE- they couldn’t figure out a way to have Corrie Ten Boom escape from Auschwitz to go to a Billy Graham service.)G

NIGHT OF THE HUNTER is a good movie for the style, tho any country-bumpkin Fundy woulda seen him for the fraud he was.

Touch, with Skeet Ulrich {remember him?}, Bridget Fonda, Christopher Walken and Tom Arnold: an excellent, if overlooked, Elmore Leonard adapation.

Angel Heart