Looking for my favorite program after system crash

Not sure which forum this should go in – Mods, feel free to move it.

I am just recovering from a massive boot-sector virus (and I mean “recovering” in the sense of “lost nearly everything on both hard drives”). I am trying to re-acquire my favorite little apps, and it looks like all the download sites I can find for this particular one are extinct.

It’s called, “Random Verse Lab”. It’s a random poetry generator. I managed to salvage my custom lexicon for it, into which I have input hundreds of words, but the program itself did not survive. Does anybody out there have it? (It was freeware.)


Is this it?


Mangetout! You rock! Howcome I couldn’t find it with my formidable google-fu? I am very very grateful!

Besides, anybody who sails away in a pea-green boat is OK by me!

It works!!! Even with my multitudinous cut-and-pasted lexicon! And here’s a snippet:

one progress wouldn't count                                    
beside my intelligent future out                           
her lucky endurance like carrier                           
endure before all persuasion                                    
then embellish faster all people