Looking for obscure men's adventure series

Along with “The Executioner” and "The Destroyer’, there were an untold number of lesser series like “The Penetrator”, “The Enforcer”, “The Baroness” and even “The Inquisitor”(Vatican Assassin :rolleyes:). The one I am looking for ran to three or four books(I think) and was about an adventurer that had survived being in the immediate vicinity of an atomic weapon of some sort, gaining some abilities in the process. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Not The Hulkinator? :smiley:

See last entry: TNT

That’s it!

I’m an obscure man, and I know nothing about this. Therefore, I’m not so sure about its validity. :slight_smile:

Totally valid-I’ve read them in the distant past, but had blanked out on the title.

But you’re only one obscure man. The OP clearly asked about obscure men. So you’re going to need to find another obscure man to validate your lack of knowledge on this series. I’d like to help but I’m too well known.

Hmmmmm. You’re right. And my name isn’t even Jude.

“The Penetrator?” Are you serious?

And his name?

Mark Hardin.

I remember that one! “The only secret agent who has to do penance when he kills someone.”

Their description of the “Men’s Adventure” genre sounds an awful lot like a description of most LitRPG I’ve ever encountered (except more D&D-type stories).

I find this website to be an excellent source of information about the genre.