Looking for old publisher's magazine (or something like that)

Back in 1978 or so, my father came home one day with a magazine-style (digest size) publication with excerpts of upcoming books for me*. It included a chapter of Asimov’s “In Memory Yet Green” (the chapter about his Phd defense), a chapter of “Dress Gray” (the novel about murder at West Point) and excerpts of at least one more book (a thriller of some sort). Does anyone know what this publication could have been - a magazine for book-lovers to entice them to read new books, a magazine to entice bookstore owners to stock these new books, or something else. In retrospect, it seems something like today’s “Entertainment Weekly” (though of course, focusing only on books), and I’m just curious about what it was.

*Dad was always good about keeping his eyes open for things I’d like (I was too young and lived too far back in the country to have regular access to a book store in those days).

It might have been Book Digest. I saw a copy with excerpts from Cavett in 1974.

That’s it! Thanks. Here’s the cover of the exact issue I was reading https://www.antiqbook.com/boox/gib/60877.shtml

Yeah, but note that the Asimov is not an excerpt from In Memory Yet Green.

You’re right - I jumped the gun. Stand by for more searching.

I’m embarrassed to have jumped the gun about this. I can’t find a list of Time-Life Book Digests (or even a way to find them by date - every site that knows what these books are, appears to think that they are interchangeable). I’m going to try the Readers Guide to Periodical Literature (if I can find a copy - my library has misplaced their copy).