Looking for Prayers, good luck, spells - whatever you believe in for my Mother

Mom has uteran (sp) cancer. She goes in for a hysterectomy on Monday. They think it should all come out OK. None-the-less, I am asking for all that the Dope can send her way.

You got it. Prayers, good wishes, and any extra karma I’ve got coming. Hang in there, Khadaji-Mom.

Good luck and best wishes to you and your Mom. I have see many of these things done and they have turned out well without fail.


Is it a partial or complete hysterectomy? Depending on your age, you should probably mention this to your doctor at your next check up so they can keep an eye on you as well. My prayers and good thoughts go out to you, your mother, and family Khadaji.

You got it - prayers and good thoughts and anything else good I can conjure up heading your mother’s way.

Thoughts, prayers, and all kinds of good vibes headed out to you and your mother.

Sending you and your Mom prayers and well wishes.

May God bless Khadaji’s mom and grant her strength and a speedy recovery. God bless you too, Khadaji.

Prayers and good thoughts headed Khadajimom’s way from south Jawja.

It is a full hysterectomy.

Forgive me for being uninformed, but as I am male, what would they keep an eye on me for?

You have my best wishes & prayers that your mom makes a full and speedy recovery ! (((hugs)))


I think Zabali thought you were female.

Sending all the goodness I can summon for both you and your mom.

:slight_smile: I thought that this may be the case, but rather than assume, I figured I had better ask.

Thanks everyone so far - I know first hand the power of the Dope.

Good luck to your Mom.

:o :o I did mis-recall that you were female. You still ought to mention it as a family history, I’m not certain but I think those kinds of cancer can still affect the other gender’s chances at cancers. I had my family history updated when the doctors were removing a lump for biopsy from my father’s breast. :wink: (It was non-malignent thankfully.) The doctor didn’t blink at this, and in fact said that it does count towards how my chances of developing breast cancer are assessed. Mention it as an update for your family history, they still may want to keep a closer eye on you to be sure.

Mom came out of surgery fine. She is of course feeling some pain and soreness and is a little cranky, but she seems to be fine. She may even come home on Thursday. The doc says he thinks that they got everything and they will probably not need to do radiation.

Thanks for all the good thoughts and other stuff.

Yay! Excellent news!

Here’s another blast of good vibes to help her heal from the surgery! *******

So Mom came home the Friday after Thanksgiving. Today she seemed really good, although still has quite a bit of pain. But I really felt OK when I left, because she seemed like herself and it seems as if she is on the mend. Quick story:

Wednesday before TG.

Mom: I’m in a lot of pain today and I don’t want any company. I told everyone just to leave me alone. There is no sense you coming up tomorrow.

Me: I’m coming Mom. If you don’t want to see me, throw me out, but I’m coming.

Thursday at 1:00

Mom (in a tremulous voice): W-w-where are you?

Me: Still home Ma.

Mom: Well, you don’t have to come now, since it is so late.

Me: I’m coming Ma.

Mom: Why didn’t you come earlier?

Me: 'Cause you said you didn’t want me to. I saw no reason to drive up there early just to sit alone in your house when I could sit alone here.

Mom: Visiting hours start at 11:00. You could have come here.

Me: Ma, you said you didn’t want me. You said not to bother.

Mom: Well, that was yesterday and I wasn’t myself. Well, you might as well stay there now, it is late.

I of course have figured out this trick. So I pack and leave for the hospital. Are all mothers nuts? :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the good thoughts!