Looking for Recent Post-Apocalyptic Book

and my google-fu is very weak, since I can’t remember either the author OR the title. The author was on a talk show last year, so I know it’s very recent, but I am having no luck finding it. It wasn’t “The Road” - that’s about all I got. So, can you people who still remember things help me out?

And, on a somewhat related note, trailer for the movie “Book of Eli” with Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, and Mila Kunis. Looks interesting, if maybe a little light on plot and heavy on violence/blowing shit up.

Was the author male or female? If female, was it Margaret Atwood with Oryx & Crake or Year of the Flood?

I have never heard of that before, but I totally want to see that.

Was it The Gone Away World?

It was a guy (whose name I vaguely recognized). A Spanish name?

Nope, not “The Gone Away World,” but I’ll be adding it to my list.

This is like a game of Twenty Questions! :slight_smile:

Is it bigger than a bread box?

How about Blindness by Jose Saramago? It came out over 10 years ago, but the film came out last year, so perhaps the author was back in the news because of that?

Nope - it’s about book-sized. :slight_smile:

No, that’s not it, either. The Spanish name thing is driving me crazy now - the name is dancing around the edge of my brain. Maybe I’ll have to sleep on it.

Can you tell us more about the book you have in mind - main character, setting, reason for the world ending, memorable scenes, etc.?

P.S. Yeah, I’m totally gonna go see The Book of Eli now.

How about The Strain by Guillermo del Toro? Spanish sounding author, recent (2009), and there was a bit of post apocalyptic vibe to it.

I know the author name doesn’t work with your memory, but could it be the Change series by S.M. Stirling? The most recent book, Sword of the Lady, just came out in August, if I recall correctly.

This is probably it. While it’s not post-apocalyptic…

the end of the book strongly implies that the spread of the vampire virus is unstoppable

I can’t wait for Book 2, which should be out in May or June.

That’s it! It’s not post-apocalyptic? Maybe apocalypse-in-progress would be more accurate. :slight_smile:

Thanks, guys. I knew you could fill in my brain hole.

I was going to suggest Metro 2033, a post-apocalyptic story where the last remnants of humanity have taken refuge in the Moscow metro tunnels.

In ten years, that’s the first time I’ve managed to get one of those “identify this book with no information” threads right :smiley:

A Canticle For Liebowitz on steroids. :slight_smile:

I was going to guess Jamestown, oh well.

Another difference: it looks enjoyable.

I’ve nothing at all productive to contribute to this thread, just wanted to add a resounding “oh hell yes” for The Book of Eli.
ETA. I must now also read The Strain. Like I didn’t have enough to do already. Thanks a lot guys. :wink:

Heh - post-apocalyptic (henceforth abbreviated PA) fiction is my favourite brand of sci-fi, and I found “A Canticle…” a tedious slog. There was apparently something momentous going on with the book, but whatever it was, I completely missed it. One of my favourite PA books is the one with the robot Spofforth (“Mockingbird” by Walter Tevis); I’d like to see a movie made of that book, except they won’t because there would be too much story and not enough blowing shit up.