Looking for reliable legal assistance in landlord-tenant law (IL)


I am in rather pressing need for a lawyer specializing in landlord-tenant law.

The late Mr S and I lived in a western suburb of Chicago. I moved out last October (relocated to KS), and have been struggling ever since with a dispute with our ex landlord. I hired a local (KS/MO) attorney at first (big, BIG mistake), who, I fear was only thorough in cashing a hefty check. After a waste of time, money, and energy, I am finding myself back in square one, looking for reliable legal assistance.

Would you, by any chance, know of a law firm/lawyer in IL who could help me reach a resolution and–dare I hope?–achieve a modicum of justice and closure in this matter?

Thank you all!

You could try avvoto locate a lawyer in the area you live. Disclaimer: I have no connection to this firm, but I have used their free advice feature and found it very professional and accurate. Good luck.