Looking for small, reliable computer w/reasonable Lemon-replacement policy

My girlfriend had pretty much decided to get an iMac Mini becasue of the small form factor. (She’d be using it to run Windows). She saw my Mom’s and said “OK, I’m getting one of those when we get home. I’m tired of this huge tower banging against my legs”. (City apartment, tight on space)

But then my Mom’s started crashing if it were left on for long. Or not so much crashing as locking up. Turn it off and let it rest overnight and it would boot again. So i’ts been receiving the slow-as-molasses attention of the nearest Apple approved store (not a name brand Apple Store, none of those near here), and a week later my girlfriend is saying “Why doesn’t she just go in there and say ‘Screw this, give me a new computer, this one was brand new and it’s got problems, give me a different one’.” I said “I don’t think they do that. They probably have steps a through j they have to try before they can decide the computer is a lemon; first they’re going to try to get this one working right”

“Well in that case I don’t want one of those after all. You’re the computer maven, there must be some other kind of PC that’s small like an iMac Mini, and which will just replace it if it’s not working right when you first get it.”

So there you have it. Please recommend the smallest PCs (of the iMac Mini size range) that have a good reputation and which have consumer-friendly “lemon” policies and won’t make you wait while they futz for weeks with the one you bought if it isn’t working correctly in the immediate post-purchase period.

Well, I can’t say anything for the lemon-replacement policy, but one of my friends had good luck with Shuttle computers, and they come in sizes ranging from slightly smaller than a normal tower to absolutely tiny (On the website, look at the X-series. 11.8 x 8.3 x 2.1 inches).

Thanks, I appreciate it.

Any other recommendations?

We have 2 mac Minis that have NEVER crashed…