Looking for Software or Word Docs to create simple legal documents

I recall getting some software about ten years ago that created simple, fill-in the blank legal docs. Bills of sale are an example.

I can’t recall now what it was. I know it wasn’t very expensive. It was a typical bargain bin seller at Best Buy.

Even better would be some Word Doc templates for common legal docs.

Any suggestions?

I think I found it.
Broderbund Family Lawyer around $20

but there may be something better.
All I want is simple stuff. bill of sale, lease, etc.

nothing complicated like wills or divorce papers

There’s a bunch here:

MS Word has two tricks rand and lorem, to use precede with an equals sign. Like this:

p = # of paragraphs
s = # of sentences/paragraphs

OP, do you have Office? If so you should be able to go to your Start Menu, select “All Programs,” then select “New Office Document.”

The tab called “Spreadsheet Solutions” will get you to an “invoice” spreadsheet. I haven’t installed that disk on this netbook yet, so I can’t say definitively, but it could be what you’re looking for.

Thanks for the advice.

Yes, I have Office 2003.

Google Docs has quite a few templates available, included in a searchable database. Find one you like, tweak it to your requirements, and have it available on demand, on any PC or smartphone/tablet.