Looking for some eyeglass frames

I’m thinking about getting new glasses and am looking for a specific type of frame. I believe they are called “horn-rimmed”.

Think 50’s male teacher. They’re kinda like Buddy Holly wore except the lower half of the frames are clear.

Try this website for vintage frames:


You might also want to look around eBay.

They’re on your head. ( sorry, couldn’t resist, its where my glasses usually are when I’m looking for them.)


That first one, Arrow Fade, is pretty close. Now if I can only find it in black!

Great site, Zoe.

I recall David Letterman once did a slot called “What’s the deal with old geezers and huge glasses?” or something like that, and they were all wearing that sort. I think I’ll get me a pair.

Those specs were huge! Some covering half the guy’s face.

Well, mine are a little bit like that (warning: goofy-looking guy attached to glasses in picture. May frighten children). They’re Ray-Ban something or others, and I got them at Lenscrafters. They’re pretty dang expensive, but I had a pair like that years ago and really liked them, but they broke, and I’ve been looking everywhere for anything remotely similar. The style number for mine is 5020.

You can also check here and elsewhere online; that style is usually called “Clubman.” I’ve seen them online before for relatively cheap (less than $100), but my quick search just now turned up nothing.

That’s almost it. I have seen the same type except the bridge was black, too.

Thanks for the site.

Hi. Sorry for the shameless plug, but I’ve got tons of frames we haven’t put on the site yet. Waiting for the webmaster to free up the time. My dad retired with all the frames in the world. If you’d like to see a two-tone in dark grey let me know and I’ll email pix. I’m originally from Chicago (wrote one tiny article for the Reader) and love that Cecil has this ginormous message board.