What do you call the eyeglasses style that Malcolm X wore?

I’ve heard them called “browlines” but googling isn’t showing too much. I’d like to buy a pair but I can’t search if my vocabulary is incorrect. Help!

(just saw a banner ad for “The Good Shepard” and it seems Matt Damon was wearing pretty much the same style)

Semi-rimless. That’ll get you a lot of styles, though. While I don’t think they have a unique name, telling the eyeglass person, “Horned, but semi-rimless” while waving your finger across your eyebrows will get your meaning across.

the Clubman

Malcolm X-Ray Specs?

WhyNot: Thanks. Found several I like within those parameters.
whole bean: Perfect.
Eve: Put some pants on.

The Club Man, huh? I always called them The 1950s Grandfatherly Businessman model. And that is why I hang out here.

No prob, dude. I’ve always liked them myself.

[ZZ Top]Go out and get yourself some Big. Black. Frames.[/ZZT]

She is wearing pants, Birdmonster. That’s how X-ray specs work. Duh!

That would explain a lot.

“Horn-rimmed” was always how I heard them described, so I think your description is right on.

“Horn-rimmed” glasses also include styles that do not have any metal rims, however. In the early 20th century, glasses began to be made with materials like natural horn and tortoise shell. Later, the same styles were made with plastic. All plastic frames you see today fall within the “horn-rimmed” style. Barry Goldwater and Drew Carey wore horn-rimmed glasses, but they are not the same style as the horn-rimmed glasses worn by Malcolm X.

The style (as in type or fashion) he wore is properly referred to as browline. The specific brand he wore was usually American Optical (or just “AO”). You can see a couple of different AO model glasses in various pictures of him from the old days.

I am not aware of him wearing Shurons, but I’ve seen more than one of his modern-day followers who do wear them today. It seems he was an AO man.

So if you want to look like Malcolm X, get your self an pair of AO’s and a suit. And some attitude. :slight_smile:

And some zombie make-up, for that “risen from the dead” look!

Yep, “Browline” is the answer. Some pretty good shots of a pair up close can be seen in this article about the glasses Matt Damon wore in The Good Shepherd.

That’s what I’d call them.

They were also a signature prop for Noah Bennet on Heroes: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/de/Noah_Bennet.jpg

You can even get them as sunglasses: http://www.amazon.com/Private-Island-Malcolm-Original-Sunglasses/dp/B003U7X27S

I see they’re now available through Ben Silver of Charleston, S.C., too: http://www.bensilver.com/SearchResult.aspx?searchPhrase=epg